New Canon Full Frame Mirrorless Camera Possibly on the Way

CANON EOS R camera

First Canon announced that it would stop manufacturing the best-selling DSLR camera models that made it famous among photographers of all skill levels. So naturally, mirrorless has now become the new game for the brand.

This is where Canon is moving forward at a rapid pace and working to catch up against established players such as Sony and Fujifilm in this newly dominant camera market.

With that said, Canon has done a pretty good job of things so far, especially with full-frame models. First and most affordable is the EOS-RP, followed by the EOS R5 and of course, for serious photographers, Canon’s EOS R3 pro full frame mirrorless camera. There are also other models with smaller sensors spread out among these releases, but the basic point is that Canon is moving fast to fill the gaps.

With this, we come to Canon’s likely move to start replacing older models with new mirrorless variants. This is probably going to happen repeatedly over the coming months and years but tidbits about what to expect soon are already circulating.

For example, the site Canon Rumors has already talked about an update/replacement to Canon’s EOS R, but under a new name and classification. This is rumored to be coming out between late 2022 and early 2023. Despite its full-frame status, this particular model is reportedly going to retail for a pretty affordable price of $899. Other sources are claiming a retail price closer to $2000 though, so it’s safer not to get too excited.

The rumored camera will sit just below the EOS R6 in terms of specs and is definitely overdue for a release. The 30.3 MP EOS R it’s supposed to replace has been on the market since its arrival in late October of 2018 and was Canon’s first full-frame mirrorless with RF mount at the time. Despite having fairly simple specs, the slightly aged EOS R model offers some great performance to this day.

Either way, Canon has done some put some very solid development work with its shift toward mirrorless. Their releases have been consistently good or even excellent performers even when compared to their better-known Sony and Fujifilm rivals. There’s lots more to look forward to in the coming years.

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