New Nextorage CFexpress Type B Cards Might be Fastest Yet

cfexpress memory card

The brand Nextorage has created a new CFexpress Type B memory card that it claims to be the fastest yet delivered for the camera market.

CFexpress is gaining ground in the digital camera storage market through a number of different manufacturers. Among the latest editions are Nextorage’s B1 Pro Series Type B cards with claimed maximum read speeds of 1950MB/s and write speeds that reach an impressive maximum of 1900MB/s.

If these claims are true, they make these the fastest cards yet created for this format by any brand. The company behind them has achieved a rating of VPG400 for its cards so that speed at least is guaranteed.

Nextorage is a fairly young company that focuses specifically on memory cards for both consumer and commercial purposes. It was founded in 2019 by engineers who formerly worked for Sony’s memory and storage section.

This certainly gives the brand a certain high level of credibility for technical know-how. It’s also worth noting that Sony itself is another major maker of CFepxress storage cards.

In terms of specs, its new Nextorage B1 Pro cards (model number: NX-B1PRO) supposedly deliver the above-claimed maximum read/write specs while claiming minimum sustained write speeds of 1800MB/s. Their VPG-rated guaranteed speeds are 400MB/s given their VPG400 ratings.

Nextorage is selling its cards in several different (and rather atypical) capacities of 165GB, 330GB, 660GB and 1330GB.

series of cfexpress cards

Image credits: Nextorage

Nextorage also claims other especially useful characteristics for its new cards aside from their high read and write speeds.

Key among these is what the company calls Dynamic Auto Power Save; a feature that reduces power consumption during video recording and that also reduces thermal throttling by keeping the cards cooler than normal during video recording.

According to Nextorage, their Dynamic Auto Power Save mode lets the cards use 68% less power than competitor models.

The closest speed contenders to Nextorage’s new cards are a series released by Lexar earlier in the year that claimed maximum read speeds of 1900MB/s and peak write speeds of 1700MB/s.

Another related set of cards released by this brand is its B1 SE (NX-B1SW) editions, which are designed with photographers in mind.

These cards are available in 128GB and 256GB formats. The 256GB version offers 1950MB/s read speeds and markedly slower 1100MB/s write speeds while promising a minimum speed of 200MB7s. For photography, this is still quite robustly fast.

CFexpress memory cards

The 128GB edition claims a max read speed of 1100MB/s and a write speed of 550MB/s while promising a minimum sustained speed of just 100MB/s.

According to Nextorage, both of these card lines have been tested to be resistant to shocks, X-rays, UV radiation, magnetic fields and static electricity, making them very durable for travel and rough use.

They can also operate at temperatures of between 14 and 148 Fahrenheit, or -10 to 70 degrees Celsius.

Nextorage’s new B1 and B1 SE cards are compatible with a rather limited list of cameras that includes Canon EOS R3, R5, R5C and Nikon Z9 models. They’ll go on sale on Amazon in late December.

Price-wise, expect to see the B1 Pro editions retailing for $200, $400, $800 and $1600 for the 165, 330, 660 and 1330GB editions respectively. The B1 SE cards will retail for $100 and $140 for the 128 and 256GB editions respectively.

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