New Sony A7 IV Firmware Update is Useful, But Do This First

Sony A7 IV full frame camera

Sony recently released firmware update Ver. 1.10 for its A7 IV full frame camera with several useful fixes and features, but you need to keep a couple details in mind.

Just like an OS update for your laptop, a camera firmware update should be installed when available simply because these software packages tend to fix glitches, add features and improve how well your device performs. Some updates can however cause new problems if installed incorrectly, and this is what Ver. 1.10 has been doing.

According to Sony’s own support site, this problem can be avoided by installing this particular firmware version in a specific order, and the instructions are available right here.

Basically though, before installing the update, you should check your own A7 IV’s current firmware version to see if it’s still stuck at a version lower than 1.01. If so, you have to first install update Ver. 1.05 before then downloading and installing Ver. 1.10. The reason for this? Ver. 1.10 is incremental instead of cumulative, which means that to work, it depends on Ver. 1.05’s presence.

Cumulative updates on the other hand include all previous update segments inside themselves and can be installed alone. It’s a good idea to keep this distinction in mind for any other future firmware updates too.

Worth noting is that Sony now lets you install these updates with SD memory card transfer instead of OS installer software through your PC.

In case you’re wondering what update Vr. 1.10 offers, here’s a basic breakdown:

  • Ability to pick M and S sizes for RAW recording with lossless compression, instead of just L size
  • Retaining of shutter speed and ISO sensitivity dedicated to flash photography
  • Addition of Touch Shutter functionality
  • Improved Eye AF accuracy
  • Ability to record your camera’s serial number into movie metadata
  • Improved Power Save options with new 1 minute setting in Monitor Menu
  • Improved WiFi
  • Patch to viewfinder brightness lag against ambient brightness

In other words, Firmware update Ver 1.10 is actually worth installing if you want a bit more functionality and practical improvements to your Sony A7 IV device. Just remember to check out the Sony support link above first.

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