Own Canon Lenses but a Nikon Camera? No Problem with This AF Adapter

Meike canon to nikon adapter

Sometimes a photographer buys a new camera and wants to make it work with a whole existing collection of lenses from another brand, and this isn’t always easy. The brand Meike has however done something to make it simpler for one particular combination.

Owners of Nikon certain Nikon Z-mount cameras can now easily and quickly fit Canon EF and EF-S lens bodies to them with the MK-EFTZ-B adapter. According to Meike, the adapter will let owners of all EF and EF-S lenses fit them functionally to Nikon’s Z5, Z6, Z7, Z6 II and Z7 II cameras with full autofocus support and in-camera lens control through electronic contacts in the adapter.

With this adapter, Meike essentially claims that the level of control is the same as would be the case if these lenses were native to the Nikon Z-mount, which sounds pretty good if true.

The electronic connection in the MK-EFTZ-B adapter is apparently so good that Meike even claims it effectively offers both lens stabilization and camera-side in-body image stabilization functionality between the supported Canon lenses and Nikon cameras.

According to the maker, the adapter transmits complete EXIF data for all photos between camera and lens and provides overall “excellent signal transmission” through the gold-plated electronic connector pins. In photos of the adapter, a little dial on one side states –AV+, though its function isn’t clarified by the company.

Beyond these claims by Meike, specific details about the adapter’s functionality or means of achieving what it does haven’t really been released. The company has specified that its new device is very compact, sturdily made from quality materials and that it weighs only 87 grams, or 3.06 ounces, with dimensions of 69 x 28mm (2.71” x 1.10”).

Meike also claims that the little device has strong dust and moisture resistance. This would certainly be useful with an adapter, which by nature adds a new layer of weak spots to a lens mounting arrangement.

Meike’s MK-EFTZ-B Autofocus Adaptor for Canon EF and EF-S lenses to Nikon Z-mount devices can be bought directly from Meike for a not-so-bad price of $160.

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