Panasonic To Release Two New L-Mount Zoom Lenses

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Panasonic’s lineup of zoom lenses has just grown by two with the addition of a large aperture standard zoom and an ultra-telephoto model.

At the same time as it announced its partnership with DJI on LiDAR focusing support, Panasonic made its lens announcement for the new L-mount optics.

Despite limited initial publicity for the announcement of the lens releases, Panasonic has confirmed that the lenses are coming but without having yet stated a release date or too many specs.

Nonetheless, the company has declared that it’s in the process of releasing a “large aperture zoom lens” with a focal length of between 20 and 25mm at its short end and roughly 70mm at its long end.

We don’t yet know what its aperture will be but if some previous Lumix and other competitor models with similar focal lengths are anything to go by, it might be between f/2.5 and f/4.

The other lens announced by the brand will be an ultra-telephoto zoom with a focal range of 100mm to 500mm. This will be 200mm larger than Panasonic’s current largest lens, which is a 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 model.

The website Asobinet has posted photos from the event in China in which these lenses and Panasonic’s lens roadmap were announced. Below you can see the brand’s latest roadmap of lenses, though with the two above-mentioned zoom models not included.

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Earlier in 2023, Panasonic also added a pair of full-frame L-mount lenses to its upcoming product lineup. One of these was a macro prime with 100mm focal length and the other model was a broad-use 20-200mm telephoto model.

So far, we don’t have any details about the release dates or prices of the lenses mentioned here, but they are definitely coming. If you’re a Panasonic fan, they’re something to look forward to exploring.

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