Pergear Releases New, Ultra-Fast 35mm f/1.4 Lens for Full Frame Cameras

photo of 35mm pergear lens

Pergear has released a highly compact, super-fast manual focus lens for Sony E, Canon RF and Nikon Z mounts among others.

The camera accessory maker Pergear has unveiled a new type of 35mm f/1.4 lens that’s suited for full-frame mounts on Sony E, Nikon Z Canon RF and Leica L cameras. The new optic is a viable and affordable alternative for name-brand lenses of this type from these brands themselves.

One of the more popular possible uses of the new lens from Pergear is street photography, for which this particular piece of glass is ideally suited due to its focal length.

Users who want to shoot wide open for a blurred background and a crisp focus on the main foreground subject can enjoy the new lens’s high-quality, smooth aesthetic bokeh.

Because the lens doesn’t have autofocus capability, it’s ideal for use by photographers who are used to carefully composing and focusing their shots. It’s also useful as a lens for video recording for the same reason.  

Pergear’s new 35mm lens is built for full-frame camera models from the above-mentioned brands, but it can also be used with APS-C editions like Nikon’s Z50 or Sony’s A6600 and others. This however will cause a crop factor that takes its equivalent zoom length to 52.5mm.

On the other hand, this 35mm lens’s rapid and very bright aperture of f/1.4 makes it a useful option for low-light shooting.

pergear 35mm lens sideways

Images credit: Pergear

The lens also comes with a 63.2 angle of view, which is wide enough for solid street photography, still life and close-up shooting performance when paired with a full-frame camera.

Built into the lens is a clickable aperture ring that marks full stops ranging from the widest at 1.4 to its narrowest at f/16.  There’s also a multi-layer coating on the front element of the lens for reducing lens flare and ghosting without losing out on color accuracy.

Here are a few sample images from Pergear itself:

photo of bridge at night photo of building in the daylight photo of alley at dusk

Pergear is releasing its new 35mm f/1.4 lens on its website and Amazon at a retail price of $129. Despite the lack of AF, this is potentially a great deal.

Bear in mind that 35mm macro lenses from the supported camera brands themselves can cost anywhere between a few hundred dollars all the way up to $1300 for Sony’s 35mm f/1.4G Master lens with similar essential specs (but with AF for Sony cameras).

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