Pergear’s 1TB CFe Type-A Cards for Sony Cameras Are Very Low-Cost


Pergear, known for its low-cost but solid photo accessory products, has launched a new CFexpress Type-A card for Sony cameras.

The new storage option for photographers is designed to offer fast data transfer speeds and bulk storage for owners of Sony’s latest (and slightly older) mirrorless camera models.

Pergear has been involved in the CFexpress memory space since late 2022 but only in mid-2023 did it shift from the Type-B format to Type-A designs.

This format, while slower by half than Type-B, also offers the benefit of being more affordable for that reason. It’s also a format that Sony cameras work with while not being compatible with Type-B cards.

Pergear’s first-ever Type-A offering was a series of cards released in June of 2023 that offered rather limited storage options of 80GB, 260GB and 520GB.

For photographers, any one of these might seem like plenty in a single memory card, but for people recording ultra-HD video, more storage is almost always better.

This is where Pergear’s new 1TB card comes into the picture, particularly for the many, many users of Sony cameras with 4K video out there.

The new card is one of the few CFexpress Type-A options on the market right now with 1 terabyte of storage and it costs only $479, which is remarkably cheap by the standards of these card types.

Only one other brand offers something similar and that’s Angelbird, whose 1TB Type-A card retails for a similar price of $500.

If both of these still seem pricey to you, bear in mind that Sony’s own CFexpress Type-A option with only 640GB of storage costs $998!

Basically, not only is Pergear’s new option obviously much cheaper than what Sony offers, it’s also the most affordable large-storage CFe Type-A card on the market right now.


This is unsurprising from a company that also produces 5K 50MP action cameras with a whole pile of included accessories at price tags of no more than $80.

Pergear’s other card products have been tested before by PetaPixel and other sites and generally perform well, so we have no reason to expect this new 1TB Type-A card to disappoint.

In any case, for the average Sony-using videographer and much more so for the average photographer, Pergear’s new card isn’t likely to perform worse than a pricier alternative in any notable way.

According to Pergear, the 1TB Type-A card it’s releasing can achieve read speeds of 800MB/s and write speeds of 700MB/s.

This is slightly below the theoretical maximum of 1000MB/s for this format, but it’s close enough to be perfectly usable.

Pergear itself claims that the cards smoothly work with filming 4K video at up to 120fps and can even handle 8K footage at up to 30fps.

CFexpress Type-B cards on the other hand can achieve speeds close to 2000MB/s, at least as a theoretical maximum and Type-C format cards are theoretically capable of up to 4000MB/s.

If you’re a video creator (or photographer who really wants speed and lots of storage in one card), you can pick up one of the new Pergear 1TB cards from the maker’s website now for $479 with a 5-year warranty thrown in by Pergear.

The brand’s previously-released 80GB, 260GB and 520GB cards are also available for respective prices of $79, $159 and $287.

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