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Photographer goes viral with fixed-price lifetime photo package

News | By Stephan Jukic | January 15, 2023

The commercial professional photography world can be very competitive sometimes, but one photographer got clever about finding a viral edge.

This wedding photographer found a unique angle with which she went viral and picked up more clients. Her method? Offering a lifetime photo package to would-be clients for a flat fee of $3,500.

The professional in question, going by the TikTok handle  @jujUubOo, has claimed that if a couple books her for photographic work for their wedding celebrations at her base price of $3,500, she’ll be available from then onwards for any important future moments in their lives as part of the same package.

These events could include anniversary celebrations, baby announcements and other major family celebrations according to her.

The Tiktoking photographer posted her announcement this past Thursday as a video to the social network along with a caption stating:

“When a bride inquires for wedding photography and I tell them my starting rate is $3,500 and it includes engagement, bridals, one year anniversary, baby announcement, maternity and newborn family session of course when the time comes.”


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Her business presence doesn’t just revolve around TikTok either. She also runs a wedding, event and lifestyle photography business called Jujuu Photography that’s based in Houston, Texas.

According to Jujuu Photography’s owner, this package deal is how she hopes to start “giving back” to clients who’ve heavily invested in what she offers.

The video went very viral shortly afterward: It rapidly garnered more than 900,000 views on TikTok and hundreds of comments. Many of these were just praise from other TikTokers, some of whom called the package offer “an insanely good deal”.

Other comments were a bit less effusive and criticized her pricing scheme as one more way by which photographers sell their work cheaply.

One viewer said, “This only hurts the photography business because when people see very low prices it is bad for the entire photographer workforce.”

Another one wished her luck in simply not becoming burnt out by the burden of the promised work.

However the reactions might go, she deserves credit for finding a way to not only stand out in promoting her services, but also sparking a viral debate.

In a follow-up video, the photographer said she loved the overwhelmingly positive response to her package offer and claimed that it reinforced her love of what she does.

Other users of TikTok also asked if she’s willing to offer a cheaper version of the same deal for people with different requirements.

Her answer has been that she won’t change her base price of $3,500, presumably because of its implied workload, but that she’s flexible on specific client needs.

“Basically all the sessions that I added on there, they are complimentary so if you use them, you use them. If you don’t, you don’t,” she said.

Makes sense. After all, the specific lifetime deal photos don’t need to involve children or baby announcements to fit the bill of what’s being offered.

She also explains that her team includes two photographers and that she will accept travel requests as long as clients cover additional expenses for this. Again, seems reasonable if someone’s willing to accept.

The bottom line: If you’re offering commercial photography services in a difficult market, don’t be in the least bit afraid to experiment with unique ways to stand out. You can’t be sure what will hit and what will miss until you give it a try.

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