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Pixellu is now offering a free option for client photo galleries under its Pixellu Galleries software; This is called the Starter Plan.

Pixellu offers photo album, slideshow, and gallery creation software for the world of photography.

Their gallery offering, Pixellu Galleries, was already decently loaded with a host of solid features, and they describe it as a way to create “stunning client photo galleries” in a way that “makes image delivery effortless.”

Now, it’s been made even more accessible with the cost-free Starter Plan option.

Pixellu describes its Galleries platform as an option for making “Stunning client photo galleries designed to make image delivery effortless”.

the most beautiful ways to deliver your images.

Users of the platform can construct elegant image layouts paired with a number of stunning cover templates, all of which have been individually designed by a graphic artist and feature subtle animations for maximum visual impact.

These galleries can then be further personalized based on a user’s specific branding and presentation needs.

What makes Pixellu Galleries especially appealing in the fast-paced world of commercial photography is its ease of use.

The platform lets photographers assemble and present professional-looking galleries to their clients quickly and simply while providing deep customization possibilities to align with photographers’ individual branding.

The new and totally free Pixellu Galleries Starter Plan allows photographers to kickstart their business with access to a professional quality tool without the cost usually associated with high-quality software.

This also provides photographers a chance to take all of the features for a spin without any risk or commitment.

If a photographer likes what he or she sees with the Starter Plan, they can upgrade at any time — or not if ten galleries at a time is sufficient storage for their needs.

To break down some of the key features that make Pixellu Galleries so useful, here’s a look at the most noteworthy aspects of the platform.

Elegant, Versatile Galleries

As its name implies, Pixellu Galleries is all about easily making client galleries that stand out for their quality.

This makes the platform ideal for impressing clients with minimal time and effort invested in putting together a professional delivery.

With Pixellu Galleries, photographers can choose from a whole range of carefully crafted gallery styles and customize them to their own needs and preferred presentation style.

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An entire gallery can be created in a limited amount of time.

The process is as simple as uploading your images, selecting a template to present them with, and adjusting a few colors, fonts, and layout options to fine-tune the overall feel and match your branding.

Folder Uploads for Sections

Another thing that Pixellu Galleries offers to make its gallery-making platform so easy to use is the ability to convert existing folders on a computer into specific Pixellu gallery sections just by uploading them.

If a user uploads multiple folders, each one can be instantly made into a new gallery section through the Pixellu Galleries editor interface.

Every gallery can be divided into as many as 20 sections, allowing photographers to organize their images by time of day, people in the photos, themes, style, or any other criteria making large galleries easier for clients to view.

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Seamless Client Management

The free Pixellu Galleries Starter Plan gives photographers access to all the features available in other plans, including easy gallery and photo navigation, full-resolution photo viewing, and the ability to download specific photos.

Clients of a photographer can also share galleries with others while being able to hide specific images they don’t want to be seen.

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Mobile-Friendly Galleries

Pixellu Galleries is fully optimized for mobile devices. The creators of the platform know that many photographers and their clients do much of their viewing and sharing through their phones instead of desktop or laptop devices.

Because of this, every gallery template and all viewing, sharing, and downloading features of Pixellu Galleries plans are also equally functional on mobile devices.

Customized Branding

Most photographers want to make sure that even if they’re using a third-party photo management platform, their personal style and business presence are fully present in the work they share with their clients.

Pixellu has kept this in mind across its different platforms and Galleries is no exception.

Users can customize their own galleries in numerous ways and also add their own logo, color palette, and image choices.

The Starter Plan also offers all of these features, giving photographers access to a full featured gallery creator, at no cost.

Pixellu Galleries Starter Plan is now available through Pixellu’s pricing page and is permanently free.

It offers the essential features inherent to other Pixellu Galleries plans. Users have access to the full range of features. The only limit is 10 galleries.

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