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ShootProof is a highly streamlined online proofing gallery platform for photographers who want to send their best selections to clients for approval.

Shotkit previously reviewed ShootProof, and we were genuinely impressed enough with its quality to recommend ShootProof as a superb gallery management platform for professional photographers.

ShootProof lets its users organize their photos in a clean, elegant and easy-to-navigate album format. Clients can browse to select the photos they particularly like and download them or buy physical prints.

To manage all of this for its own professional photographer clients, ShootProof offers a whole package of tools. These make creating albums, organizing them and presenting photos to clients for download or print ordering rather incredibly easy.

ShootProof also happens to offer users sales processing, email notification and marketing tools for their photographic business.

Basically, the platform claims that it lets you “Create the Photography Business of Your Dreams” and it really does try hard to deliver across the board on exactly this promise.

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Among its many other internal services for letting photographers sell their work, ShootProof has now added a key new feature that lets photographers sell more effectively than ever.

This is the site’s Abandoned Cart Email functionality, and the platform explains many of its details here in this blog post of its own.

The main point is that photographers often have to deal with the problem of clients visiting their sales site or gallery pages, selecting photos they’d like to purchase and then abandoning their shopping carts for different reasons before they’ve checked out.

This abandoned cart problem can even be responsible for as many as 88.1% of all shopping carts being abandoned by potential buyers. The reasons why it happens can be varied but might include payment problems, forgetfulness, distraction, or simply loss of interest.

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ShootProof’s abandoned cart email feature tries to mitigate at least some of these potential causes of lost sales, and it’s working for many photographers.

How Abandoned Cart Emails Work

Users of ShootProof now have a new abandoned cart email option built into their gallery settings so that they can activate it easily and quickly for future user purchases.

 Basically, activating this feature lets them send a brief, automated email to their potential buyers reminding them that the products they’d selected for their cart in ShootProof weren’t checked out.

The email gets sent by the platform 24 hours after an abandoned purchase and reminds potential buyers that their selections have been saved in case they reconsider.

If you, as a photographer using ShootProof, want to sell more photos to your clients by making sure that you’ve clearly notified them about their buying options one more time, the abandoned cart email is a simple and unobtrusive option for doing this.

 It lets you automate the purchase reminder process so that you yourself don’t have to worry about handling it manually and possibly forgetting to follow through with your own client reminder.

Sending an abandoned cart email obviously won’t guarantee that you recover all abandoned transactions, because some potential buyers really do just lose interest and simply won’t want to buy.

However, for those who are on the fence or simply got distracted before ordering, it can help you recover thousands of dollars in sales that would have been lost otherwise.

Fortunately, ShootProof offers abandoned cart reminder emails as an automated option that you can use as soon as you open your own account with the platform.

Why Abandoned Cart Emails are Worth Using

The best thing about ShootProof’s abandoned card email feature is that it now comes automatically enabled for any new galleries you create.

In terms of effort vs. potential reward, the benefits of abandoned cart email notifications are totally obvious, and ShootProof argues its case very convincingly.

According to the website, these emails get opened remarkably often too. Their recipients open approximately 45% of them. Of these, 21% get click-throughs by clients who decide to have a second look and reconsider.

Of these clients who open and click through the abandoned cart emails, as many as 50% change their minds and buy.

These email open and click-through rates are way above the averages for those of email marketing messages, and they make activating abandoned cart emails a potentially very profitable choice.

How to Set Up Abandoned Cart Emails

You can easily and quickly activate the abandoned cart email setting in your ShootProof account by simply going to your Gallery Presets page and making sure the feature for all future gallery selections by clients is already active.

For current users of ShootProof, any new galleries they create should in fact have the feature automatically enabled anyhow.

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You can also use your Bulk Actions options for existing galleries you already have to set retroactively set up abandoned cart notifications for future buyers of your existing photos.


The specific steps for setting up abandoned cart email notifications for older galleries are as follows (courtesy of ShootProof):

“From your Studio Dashboard, head to Photos > Galleries > Select > All > click the Actions drop-down > Bulk Actions > Abandoned Cart Email. In the Bulk Actions window, click Use Shopping Cart > Traditional Store and the Abandoned Cart Email option will appear. Don’t forget to click Apply Changes when you’re done!”

Abandoned cart email notifications have been shown to boost sales across many user accounts at ShootProof consistently and the website’s own in-house online marketing experts strongly recommend applying them.

These emails are not intrusive and spammy email marketing messages that are likely just to annoy your clients. Instead, they’re sent just once as simple transactional reminders in case a client really did get distracted from buying or had a problem with their original purchase attempt.

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