Skylum Announces Lumineer Neo Updates for New Generative AI Tech

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Photo editing software maker Skylum, creator of the Lumineer Neo photo edit software, has announced several major innovations in its core product.

The new features being added to Lumineer Neo will be rolled out over the coming months and will include generative AI technology integration among their other benefits.

Skylum states that it’s revamping Lumineer Neo so that “AI-assistive photo editing becomes second nature, saving photographers precious time previously spent on mundane tasks that can now be dedicated to exploring the world and their creativity”

For the sake of making a cutting-edge contribution to AI-assisted workflows, Skymum’s Lumineer Neo program, already used by many photographers, will soon include several major generative AI additions.

These include the following:


This will be a cornerstone update to Lumineer Neo. GenErase is a next-generation erasing tool for removing both unwanted distractions from images and replacing them with rendered filler visuals that are context and content-aware.

According to Skylum, this feature smoothes out compositions while completely preserving photo integrity and matching visual surroundings.

With GenErase, users can seamlessly move objects in a photo around or simply remove and replace them.

A woman is taking a picture of an elephant on a dirt road.


Lumineer Neo’s upcoming SceneExpand tool lets photographers literally extend the edges of their photos with new visual dimensions to original compositions and scenery.

The tool can be used to seamlessly expand panoramic landscapes and other physical settings already in a photo.

A woman is standing on top of a mountain.


Just as its name implies, SceneSwap lets photographers simply and smoothly replace specific elements in their photos with photorealistic AI-generated visuals that seamlessly integrate into the original image.

This AI tool in Lumineer Neo can be used in both foregrounds and backgrounds to improve the impact of any photo.

For example, a photographer can use SceneSwap to replace a dull, Overcast sky with a rich sunset, or change the color and texture of ocean water to a rich, wavy blue if it was previously just a bit too dull and placid.

A related upcoming tool with a more specific focus just on improving the look of water with Lumineer Neo is Water Enhancer. This will be capable of giving rich enhancements to any aquatic element in a photo.

A bee sits on top of a yellow flower.

Studio Light

One of the more difficult elements to get just right in portrait and other close photos is light quality, whether through a lack of equipment or experience. For this, Lumineer Neo will also soon feature the new Studio Light tool.

This subtle generative AI technology is designed to let portrait photographers enhance their shoots with artificially replicated but fully realistic lighting effects that would normally often require expensive technical lighting equipment and skill.

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Neon & Glow

Finally, Lumineer Neo will also soon include Neon & Glow, which takes lighting effects enhancement beyond just portrait photography.

This AI rendering technology lets photographers spice up their compositions with impressively realistic rendered lighting effects that completely reshape a poorly lit original photo.

Neon & Glow even allows for slipping in unique neon lighting to urban photos for entirely new levels of visual impact.

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Other Features and Availability

Skylum states that it hopes to let its users make the best of their natural photographic skills with its new array of AI enhancement technologies for Lumineer Neo.

The company adds that it wants to transform AI from a perceived threat to the photographer’s craft, and instead turn it into a useful, creativity-enhancing tool.

As part of its upcoming generative AI updates, Lumineer Neo will also undergo a complete refresh to its UI design for easier navigation and overall usability, making the software as intuitive as possible.

Lumineer Neo’s new AI platform updates and UI overhaul will be going live over the coming months moving into the fall of 2023. Studio Light will be the first to activate for Lumineer’s next software release in September.

Existing Lumineer Neo lifetime license owners can switch to a Pro subscription at an early-bird rate of $49 for their first year, or buy a one-time 2023/25 Creative Journey subscription for $39.

With the Creative Journey subscription, Lumineer Neo’s upcoming generative technologies will be available as they emerge until August 16th, 2024. New and existing users can sign up here with special early discount pricing here.

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