SmallRig Launches High-Powered Canon Camera Battery with USB-C

a canon gimbal with a camera attached to it.

The new LP-E6NH model Canon camera battery may have a forgettable name, but Canon camera users might love it.

SmallRig has released this new Canon camera battery in an effort to go beyond what Canon’s own native option is capable of. Because of this, the LP-E6NH offers several additional features and qualities.

Among these is the ability to deliver charging power via USB-C, thus reducing total charge time between uses.

Other features include a longer charge time, a built-in power level display and protection against short circuits or discharges, temperature increases and overcharging.

Aside from these features, SmallRig says that its new camera battery is “comparable to the original in all ways”. In other words, Canon users can go for its extras without losing anything original.

SmallRig has already made several other USB-C-powered third-party batteries for name brands and this feature lets you load them with power without the need for wall chargers.

a blue battery charger connected to a camera.

According to the manufacturer, the LP-E6NH can fully charge in just 2.5 hours with a high-current 5V 2.2A charger.

This new battery is also compatible with an assortment of other power supplies, so it doesn’t rely on USB-C alone. These other charger types include Canon’s own dedicated battery charging unit and others made by SmallRig itself.

According to SmallRig, “SmallRig LP-E6NH USB-C Rechargeable Camera Battery 4264 allows being charged via a power bank, power strip, car charger, or other special chargers,”

It’s worth noting that Canon’s own LP-E6NH battery can’t be charged with USB-C and has a capacity of no more than 2,130mAh.

the power - dc battery for the canon power - dc.

The SmallRig edition of the LP-E6NH goes up to 2,400mAh and this lets it capture roughly 3 hours of video and roughly 780 photos in one of Canon’s digital mirrorless cameras. Bear in mind that these are conservative measurement standards.

On a final note, the SmallRig LP-E6NH is compatible with a whole range of cameras, including older DSLR models like the 5D, right up to Canon’s latest, the EOS R5. It’s also very affordably priced at just $39.99. This is half the cost of Canon’s own native battery.

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