Some TikTik users are offering an odd but popular new photo service

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For newly-wed couples who want photos and videos of their big event to get online as quickly as possible, TikTok users have come to the rescue.

According to reporting by the website Insider, some more experienced users of TikTok have begun offering a service in which they visit weddings, shoot the main event scenes with their phones and then rapidly post them to TikTok and other social platforms for their clients.

The Insider report claims that these Tiktokers offer their services as “wedding content creators” and are striving to make potential clients aware of a gap they can take advantage of in publicizing their wedding events.

This is between traditional wedding photography with its delays and live or nearly instant but professionally done social media content.

The whole process is basically what you’d imagine it to be: These self-labeled professional wedding content creators go to a wedding and use their phones to shoot customized photos, slideshows and videos of the big day and its details.

They then transfer these to their clients for instant social media sharing on TikTok with all the appropriate hashtags, in-video text blurbs and other trimmings.

The increasingly popular Chinese-based social media app TikTok is skyrocketing in its popularity worldwide. In the U.S. its main demographic of very young people between the ages of 11 to 19 still dominates, but an increasing number of older adults have taken it up too.

We’ve previously covered TikTok’s controversies too, but aside from those, the app has become phenomenally popular to the point that established U.S. social media giants like Meta have even begun to imitate many of its features, such as video reels.

As for niche interest in this wedding video/photo service, it seems to be high. The hashtag  #weddingcontentcreator has so far received 16.4 million views as of the last count on TikTok.

In the last 3 days alone, between the 27th of December and today, December 29th it’s been viewed over 300,000 times.

This indicates serious demand for what one might think of as a sort of silly service considering that any couple and their friends or family can go ahead and make their own TikTok posts personally and live.

However, it seems that many don’t want to deal with the hassle and potential unreliability of friends or family members. Instead, they prefer to hire someone who’s being paid specifically to handle this job seriously.

The fees some wedding content creators charge aren’t bad either considering their austere equipment needs.

Insider interviewed one particular wedding content creator called Taylor Richardson who claimed to charge clients between $1,250 and $1,450 (depending on attendance time) for capturing videos and photos with her iPhone per event.

@taylorbivey Take me back. Magical magical day #weddingday #bridetok #tiktokbrides #weddingtok #weddingtiktok #bridesoftiktok #weddingdaycontentcreator #wedding ♬ cardigan – Taylor Swift


According to this creator, she can make her client’s content ready within 24 hours and was originally inspired by this simple business idea after being engaged herself and documenting her own wedding on TikTok.

This made her realize that a market gap existed between conventional wedding photos and what she offers for more immediate needs.

As the creator mentions, “I was following other brides on TikTok that got married, and after the wedding day, they were always like, ‘I have to wait for my photos to get back to me,’ and they had nothing to post or share with us straight away,”

She also explains that instead of polished photography and videos such as those captured by pro photographers, she angles for “raw footage” video and “candid” photo styles that offer “organic” appeal.

Since she’s capturing these on her phone for rapid sharing to social media pages, it’s probably not too hard to achieve these effects.

According to Richardson, demand for this kind of service will probably “explode” in the next year because of the speed with which couples can have their video and photo content.

According to her, “Not to say that nobody’s patient, but people truly want to see and share stuff. They don’t want to wait.”

How much real demand there is for other wedding content creators and how much they charge on average is something we don’t yet know.

This is definitely going to be one competitive service niche considering how little it requires, but we’re also not holding our breath on it displacing professional event photography any time soon.

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