Sony Firmware for FX3 & FX30 Cameras Pulled for Causing Boot Loop

sony fx30 camera on surface

Sony’s recently released FX30/FX3 camera has been caught in the device version of a nervous breakdown gy its own firmware. According to the latest, Sony has suspended downloading new firmware updates for the video camera after many users reported that it trapped the camera in a boot loop.

Essentially, some users who downloaded the latest FX3 and FX30 firmware would see their camera units go into a cycle of constant rebooting and become totally unusable.

The website Sony Alpha Rumors shared several examples of this on Thursday, as tweeted by FX30/FX30 owners. Among these sample tweets was at least one video demonstrating the entire glitch at work.

To its credit, Sony began to investigate the problem right away and as of today (Friday) has suspended all new downloads of the firmware until the problem gets fixed.

Overall the problem does seem to be isolated and isn’t something that will or had affected every owner of an FX3 or FX30 camera who downloaded the new firmware. Sony released a statement recognizing that the problem was plausible though claiming that it wasn’t widespread.

“It was confirmed that some updated products might not operate properly in some cases. Distribution is suspended as we are currently investigating the cause. If the issue (unstable operations such as repeating reboots or not working properly) occurs immediately after the update, please ask for repair.”

It’s still unclear if the problem affects both the FX3 and FX30 cameras or if it hit only the FX3 because some media sources have claimed one, the other, or both. Either way, Sony, deciding not to take any chances, has suspended firmware updates for both models.

Many other users of these cameras also went on Twitter to mention that their own devices had no problems with their updates before the firmware suspension.

The firmware updates in question are in any case minor things that few people would urgently need. They were put up to fix two bugs in these cameras and to make them generally more stable performers.

One of the bugs fixed by the firmware was a problem in which vertical video caught with one of the two cameras wouldn’t rotate if moved to a computer. The other was an issue with touch operations not working on Sony’s associated Imaging Edge Mobile apps.

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