Specs for Samsung’s Galaxy A14 Have Been Heavily Leaked

Samsung Galaxy 14 Leaked photo

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy A14 is going to be launched soon as a successor to the Galaxy 13 5G and just like its predecessor, it’s supposed to be a relatively low-priced phone with unusually good specs for its price.

Now, as specs for the A14 have found their way to the @OnLeaks Twitter page and to the site Giznext due to a leak, we can have some idea of just how good the device will be.

Our focus here is on its expected camera and display technology, for photographers who love to use their phones on shooting and posting impromptu photos.

Display and Camera Tech

Samsung’s Galaxy A14 featured an Infinity-V display which was quite crisp and delivered vivid colors. The A14 however will up this slightly with an Infinity-U display that’s reportedly going to also be quite large at 6.8 inches with FHD+ resolution on an LCD panel.

We’ve also heard reports of a 6.5-inch screen size, but the more specific details mention phone body dimensions of 167.7mm x 78.7mm x 9.3mm.

The rear of the new phone will also be very similar to that of the A13, with a triple camera design that includes a flash off to one side between the first two cameras.

We don’t know what the resolution or other specs of these cameras will be but the A13 offered the main quad camera with 50 MP resolution compact pixel technology and featured an f/1.8 (wide-angle) aperture with phase autofocus. It also had an 8MP front camera for selfies.

We’re expecting the specs of the A14 to be at least this good, but hopefully with a few minor improvements thrown in to justify its status as a successor.

Other Features and Specs

The leaks about the Galaxy A14 also hint at a battery that’s slightly larger and thus longer-lasting. The reported thickness of the phone is 0.5mm greater than that of the A13, so this could mean a slightly better battery. This would be great because even the A13’s battery packs a hefty 5,000mAh, which is in fact more even than what you’d find in Apple’s latest iPhone 14 models.

The Galaxy A14 is also possibly going to include 5G network support and it’s likely to have new hardware too. Beyond these specs, much of the phone really does look like it’s going to be very similar to the A13 in its look, overall build and most features.

So far, there’s no word on a price or specific release date for the Samsung Galaxy A14.


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