Spectre Long-Exposure App for iPhone Becomes Free

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The long exposure app Spectre will now be free for users in its version 1.5 edition. However, a Pro variant will cost a one-time fee of $4.99.

With Spectre, iPhone users can take quick and easy long exposure shots that the app generates artificially by taking advantage of an iPhone’s own Neural Engine Processor.

Instead of having to use a tripod to stabilize a camera into complete immobility for the sake of long exposure, a user can just shoot by hand with their phone while the app stabilizes their shots.

Spectre’s “AI” technology then artificially creates long-exposure visuals with the help of the user’s iPhone.

Furthermore, the app saves any image you capture with it as a “Live Photo” which you can later replay as it happened and as a long exposure.

With the Spectre app, users can also edit their long exposures in ways that smoothly erase crowds from places, or add light trails to moving vehicles, or simply smooth out other moving objects.

golden gate bridge in san francisco, california.

In other words, with the app, a user, with their iPhone alone, can simulate many of the effects that previously would have required carefully conducted, tripod-based long shots with a camera, or lots of editing through software.

The core aspects of the app are now also free for users. Spectre’s makers decided to do this for the sake of letting people get started with long-exposure photography easily and quickly.

This free edition of Spectre allows for long exposure shots of up to 3 seconds.

a man driving a train with a view of the road.

The paid version on the other hand, called Spectre Pro, costs a one-time fee of $4.99 and offers further options for 5, 9, 15 and 30-second exposures.

Users who already paid for their original Spectre app get an automatic upgrade to the Pro version and its new features.

The neat thing here is that users can try this app at no cost or risk if they want to try out a certain version of long-exposure photography with a very simple interface and zero equipment requirements.

Apple’s app store has the app listed and so too does the Spectre website.

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