The June Release: Aftershoot Updates In Time For Wedding Season

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Are you an avid user of the top-rated AI culling and editing software, Aftershoot? Then you’ll be happy to learn that more exciting Aftershoot updates have been released this June, just in time for the busiest season of the year – wedding season.

Aftershoot is well known for its incredible time-saving software that speeds up culling and editing for photographers, but it is also well-loved for the fact that they actively listen to feedback from its users and the greater photography community.

They are constantly implementing improvements and adding new features to the Aftershoot app to ensure photographers get the best possible AI culling and editing experience.

Aftershoot revealed a big app update in May, and they haven’t stopped upgrading since!

If you’re more of a watcher than a reader, take a look at the latest Aftershoot updates in this video.


Now, let’s get into what’s new with Aftershoot in a little more detail.

A Speed Boost for the Aftershoot Grid

There’s nothing more frustrating than using an app to speed up your workflow but then having to wait for image previews to load when scrolling.

That’s why Aftershoot has given the culling grid a massive speed boost – it’s up to 5 times faster now!

Images will now pop up without delay when you scroll, speeding up the review process and allowing you to use the accept or reject (culling in or culling out) workflow without any lag time.

This upgrade will be especially noticeable if you’re reviewing images from an external disk.

Here’s a peek at how it was before and how quickly the grid loads with this speed boost.

No More Wonky Images

Aftershoot CULL now has an Image Rotation feature that makes it easy to rotate your images left or right with the right-click action.

This feature was added especially for photographers who shoot vertically. As Aftershoot relies on the stored rotation flag in RAW images, rendered images would sometimes have the incorrect orientation in the app.

Now you can easily override the orientation flag stored in your camera and fix the orientation in Aftershoot’s Grid/Loupe view.

A Streamlined User Interface for Aftershoot EDITS

With Aftershoot’s AI editing function being a relatively new addition to the application (still in Beta phase), they are determined to keep improving it and fixing any issues that may arise.

The latest Aftershoot update includes an improved interface to make it simpler and more intuitive.

New additions to the EDITS interface include:

  • Clickable breadcrumbs at the top of the screen to make navigation a breeze
  • Pop-up tooltips to help navigate through the editing steps
  • A notification banner to ensure users are always in the know about new features

Solutions for Color Profile & White Balance issues

Before this update, users with certain camera bodies reported issues with their color profiles and white balance in edits. Luckily, Aftershoot found the solution.

By isolating incompatible settings and creating separate profiles, Aftershoot managed to resolve the issues users faced when creating AI Profiles in Aftershoot EDITS.

Now, it won’t matter what camera you’re using – you’ll get more accurate color representation and balance across all your images.

More Updates Coming Soon

As the wedding season gets into full swing, the developers at Aftershoot are said to have even more tricks up their sleeves.

They’re on a mission to keep enhancing AI algorithms, add even more exciting features, and, ultimately, give photographers the most user-friendly and efficient photography workflow tool.

Keep your eyes peeled for more Aftershoot updates on the horizon.

Are you ready to experience the improved Aftershoot? Update your app right away!

If you haven’t started using Aftershoot yet, try it out with their 30-day free trial and get unlimited AI culling and editing features to speed up your workflow.

Don’t forget, Aftershoot EDITS is free for a limited time, even if you subscribe to a paid plan!!

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