These New Tripod Heads from Arca-Swiss are Precision Beauties

Arca-Swiss clicpan tripod heads 2

Precision camera tripod maker Arca-Swiss has revealed a set of three new high-end geared tripod heads that it has dubbed the clicPan series. According to the company, these models are perfect for photographers who want to create quality panoramic images with precision.

Arca-Swiss, a French/Swiss company, still doesn’t have a fully-built U.S website, but the brand is famous not only as a mounting standard but also as a maker of truly superb mounting equipment for cameras. These particular tripod heads are designed with serious, careful photography in mind.

The new editions consist of the C1 Cube cp, the Core 75 Leveler cp and the p1+ cp. Each of them offers multi-function solutions for numerous photographic uses at different skill levels. They pull this off with several features, starting with a variable interval rotator that’s installed under their top panning quick releases.

Furthermore, these tripod heads are especially well-adapted for panoramic photography in particular. The clicPan heads can thus shift between free panning mode or change over to what Arca-Swiss calls “clicPan” mode. The first mode is for single image capture while the second is described as being suited for performing perfectly level panning shots without having to make leg adjustments. This mode even works on rough or uneven ground.

With the clicPan mode, Arca-Swiss has designed the tripod heads so that their adjustment rings turn in either direction if rotated. They then stop at each setting position as chosen by a photographer. When the photographer has picked a setting, the camera can pan in specific increments that each creates a notable clicking noise and brief stop per interval. This lets photographers pan their camera precisely and stop it at each clicking increment to let vibrations settle before shooting. Then they can move on to the next step and so forth.

In other words, the clicPan system on the tripod heads lets photographers create single-row panoramas with minimal difficulty and without having to use any additional support equipment.

Arca-Swiss also says that all three of its new heads can readily handle heavy-weight camera equipment with large telephoto lenses and even medium or large-format cameras. The measured load capacities of the heads demonstrate this too with the Core 76 cp and p1+ cp being rated for up to 66 lbs (29.9kg) and the C1 Cube cp being capable of up to 88 lbs (39.9kg). These are load capacities for truly hefty cameras and lenses.

Finally, the C1 Cube and monoball p1+ cp heads offer a friction dial that lets them offer stronger control for heavier loads while reducing tension with lighter cameras as needed. This modifiable friction control system also improves stability and handling during fine adjustments according to Arca-Swiss.

The Arca-Swiss brand is widely respected by many photographers for the precision and craftsmanship of its products, so their consequently high prices shouldn’t be a surprise. These three tripod heads are no exception in either characteristic. They retail at $1,766 for the C1 Cube cp, $1,153 for the Core 75 Leveler cp, and $837 for the p1+ cp head. All of these models are in stock and available now.

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