This AI Photo Service Hopes to Replace Real Photographers

a collage of photos of people in different poses.

The company Photo AI has recently unveiled an artificial intelligence system that creates some very impressively realistic rendered images.

According to a statement by Photo AI, it promises that it can “cut out the need for expensive photographers” through the capabilities of its image-generating software.

The service is even calling itself the “world’s first AI photographer”. While this statement is doubtful considering the proliferation of similar offerings on the market, Photo AI’s image rendering doesn’t seem better (or worse) than other similar products.

With Photo AI, users can upload 30 or more photos of themselves or others for AI training. The service then lets them use this initial photo collection to generate assorted other images through text prompts they write.

Photo AI’s service for the above is called “Synthetic Photo Studio” and is capable of rendering hundreds of images for a user right from their device according to the company.

Having seen some of these sample images showcased on the company’s website, I’d say they can be hit or miss. A few look stunningly real, and others a lot less so.

a collage of black women with different hairstyles.


Company founder Pieter Levels stated, “Photo AI is the first AI Photographer and Synthetic Photo Studio in the world,”

He also elaborated, “The idea is that it costs less money and time to do photo shoots virtually than it does in real life. You save money in hiring and traveling with the model, equipment, and photo shoot team to the shoot location.”

In a recent tweet, he went on to say that the next step is adding in a feature called Textual Inversions, which lets users remove anomalies in any generated photos.

Levels further highlighted the supposed value of his company’s product by discussing the economic advantages of using Photo AI instead of real photographers.

According to the company founder, “If you do pay for a photographer yourself, it could cost you $250-1,500 per shoot which gives you 75-100 photos,”

He then contrasts these average costs with the price of his Photo AI service,

“With the Pro plan you get 1,000 photos per month, so about 10 regular photo shoots, which means $2,500 to $15,000 if it was a real photo shoot. So about 100x to 500x cheaper than booking a real photographer.”

take photos with ai.

The company also claims that its photo-generating system is effective for professional photo-like images of all kinds. What’s more, it lets users change things like clothing and accessories, or scenery, without having to physically do anything.

According to Levels, “It also might be useful if you just want to generate nice photos of yourself for your social media if you’re an influencer or if you want to spice up your Tinder profile.”

While we haven’t tried Photo AI for ourselves yet, the quality of their sample shots is arguably very realistic, almost perfectly so. (you might even say too perfectly).

For anyone interested in giving the AI service a spin, its packages start at $29 per month with the pro plan, which allows 1000 generated “photos”.

A premium plan with up to 5000 images goes for $99 per month and finally, a business plan is available for $299 for 25,000 images.

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