This brand has developed a pretty cool auto-leveling tripod

photo of self leveling benro tripod

The photo accessory maker Benro has been busy developing a Kickstarter-funded auto-leveling tripod that it calls the Theta.

According to its maker, this is the first-ever camera tripod that automatically self-levels with the push of a single button using its internal battery-powered system.

Benro is labeling the Theta as a travel tripod that’s useful for letting photographers focus on their work instead of endless adjustments in the field. It also includes other smart features for camera management and setting up a shoot rapidly.

According to Benro, “Level adjustment has always been a waste of valuable preparation time which is one of the typical shooting troubles when using a tripod,”

The company further elaborates, “The photographer has to readjust the tripod level according to the different terrain when relocating the sites. Theta’s one-key Auto Leveling function solves the biggest problem of traditional tripods in recent decades and brings real convenience to photographers.”

The Theta attempts to solve many of these bits of photographic tedium with internal modules for battery power, camera control and optical sensing. There’s also a “GoLive” mechanism that supports live streaming “on all platforms” according to Benro.

The tripod’s battery module is what delivers its auto-leveling capacity. It does this by supplying power to the tripod’s legs so that they can adjust themselves, but that same battery can be used as a power bank for cameras mounted to the device.

As for the Camera Control module, it lets users have a remote live view of what their camera is watching while also letting them adjust its settings and shutter release.

Benro theta self leveling tripod

Users can also use the Camera Control module to sync their files with a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi-connected mobile phone/tablet.

Finally, the Optical Sensor module in the upcoming tripod can connect to a compatible camera for the sake of auto-detecting ambient lighting conditions.

The Theta then automatically adjusts shooting settings to complement what it detects. This feature makes it useful for situations such as time-lapse or low-light photography.

Benro explains, “We used an extremely accurate, reliable optical matrix sensor and gyroscope to detect the ambient light [and adjust] your camera’s parameters automatically, dynamically, and precisely,”

This system mounts via hot shoe and passes information about settings and adjustments to connected mobile devices.

Build-wise, the Theta is apparently robustly designed for users. Benro has given it an aluminum body that’s light but sturdy, carbon fiber legs, and a strong center column that keeps devices firmly mounted to its 360-degree ball head.

tripod being carried

Image credits: Benro

The legs also self-lock automatically so that a user doesn’t need to waste time on clips or twist locks, according to Benro.

Like certain other tripods on the market, the Theta also features an auto-locking design in its head for rapidly and firmly securing a device in place.

Benro will be releasing the Theta in a standard edition that weighs 2.99 pounds and can handle up to 24.3 pounds of weight. Then there will be a Max version that weighs 3.3 pounds but offers a maximum load capacity of 44.1 pounds.

The standard edition packs down to a length of 16.5 inches and the Max version tops out at 17.7 inches in length. Both have their specs comparisons and availability schedules available on the Benro website.

The brand will release the Benro after launching a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign first. Once editions of the Theta start shipping, the standard version will reportedly retail for $350 while the Max version will cost $399.

It’s worth noting that the battery module and Optical Matric sensor will be sold separately for $50 each while the GoLive and camera control modules are available for $99 apiece.

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