This Cargo Camera Bag from WaterField Designs is Worth a Look

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Every photographer who does a lot of footwork as part of their job needs a solid, sturdy camera bag for carrying equipment around. San Francisco-based bag maker WaterField Designs seems to understand this with its latest creation.

The company, which normally dedicates itself to creating business bags and pouches has developed what it calls the Cargo Camera Bag. This light, uncluttered camera bag not only tries to keep its design as minimal as possible, it also comes made from quality materials that are built to last.

What’s more, the Cargo Camera bag isn’t mass-produced. Instead, WaterField creates it (as it does for all of its bags) in small batches right inside its U.S-based factory for the sake of strict quality control.

As for the bag’s look, design and materials, this is a full-grain leather piece of photographer’s equipment that comes built with a mix of said leather and nylon or waxed canvas. The bag also offers plenty of space for storing either DSLR or mirrorless cameras alongside their accessories like extra battery packs, additional lenses and any hot-shoe attachments you might need for your day’s shooting.

The main focus of Waterfield in making this bag was to ensure sturdiness, protection, accessibility and all-day comfort.

Image credits: WaterField Designs

As the company explains, “Meticulous handcrafted sewing and premium materials combine to create a durable, high-functioning, and resolutely fashionable camera bag worthy of the artists who carry it,”

The Camera Cargo Bag also comes with an interior shell and lens case insert that are padded up with a special high-density foam that the company uses for elevated protective quality. Other features of the bag include a diagonal zipper for an expanded bag opening and angled strap attachments for keeping the bag stable against a user’s body.

Internally, the padded inserts for lenses, cameras and other gear are removable and flexible enough to be snugly used for numerous types of photographic gear. There are also several internal mesh pockets for securely storing smaller objects like battery packs, memory cards and battery charging tools.

Overall, the bag is designed to be as spacious, useful and comfortable as possible while also being stylishly utilitarian. It even includes a moisture-wicking mesh backing for keeping water out.

WaterField Designs has developed the bag in a compact-sized version and in a full-sized edition. Both are available made either from full-grain leather and ballistic nylon or leather and waxed canvas.

The smaller bag is sold by the company for $389 while the full-sized model retails for just $10 more. These bags start shipping as of October 21st.

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