This New 35mm F/2 AF Lens for Nikon Z Cameras Costs less Than $250

yonguo 35mm f2Z feature

Chinese camera accessory maker Yongnuo has released a new and very affordably priced 35mm f/2 autofocus lens for Nikon Z-mount cameras.

While we can’t vouch for the quality of this particular optic or the brand behind it, the lens is worth describing for its stated specs, its very low price and its compatibility with Nikon Z-mount cameras.

The newly released YN 35mm f/2Z DF DSM is being sold at a very reasonable price that’s just a bit below $250 on the Chinese market.

According to Yongnuo, the brand has been striving to deliver a larger range of affordable AF lenses to the market and the 35mm f/2Z DF DSM represents a new level of quality in this selection.

Image credits: Yongnuo

Yongnuo officially announced the lens through its Weibo page (a leading Chinese social media site) on November 2 and is for now only selling the new optic inside the Chinese market. However, the brand’s previous lenses have gone on sale internationally and this model is likely to be no exception.

In terms of specs, the YN 35mm f/2Z DF DSM is a full-frame lens that offers a 61.3-degree angle of view for that sensor size. It’s built with 9 elements in 8 groups and according to its maker, comes with the latest “nano-multi-layer coating technology.” This coating supposedly allows effective light pass-through while suppressing backlight ghosting and glare.

The compact lens also includes an aspherical glass element that compensates for different kinds of aberration and a low-dispersion element for suppressing dispersion problems from its wide angle.

Yongnuo has given the YN 35mm an aperture range of f/2 to f/16 with a seven-bladed diaphragm and a front filter diameter of 53mm. The lens has a minimum focusing distance of 0.35 meters or 1.14 feet.

Here are some sample images shared by the manufacturer on its Weibo page:

This lens comes with a manual focus ring that’s designed to also handle other controls such as selecting for autofocus and then also being able to control ISO, aperture and exposure compensation adjustments.

The lens barrel also comes with an AF switch and an FN custom function button that can be assigned to other custom controls.

It’s worth noting that this lens’s AF system is managed by a digital stepper motor (DSM) that’s designed to be compatible with Nikon Z-mount cameras. However, Yongnuo also includes a USB-C interface with the lens.

Owners can use this to manually upgrade the internal firmware of the YN 35mm if Nikon at some point introduces its own camera firmware updates that break communication between the new lens and compatible cameras.

Yongnuo is currently only selling the 35mm f/2Z DF DSM in China for a local currency price of 1,799 Yuan that at the current exchange rate translates to $249 USD.

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