Tilta’s New Fujifilm Camera Cage is Light, Tough & Very Versatile

tilta cage for fulfilm cameras

Shortly after Fujifilm’s September release of its robustly powerful X-H2 camera with 8K shooting capacity, cinematography equipment maker Tilta has found a way to build onto Fujifilm’s powerhouse cameras.

To achieve this, Tilta has announced the release of a new camera cage that’s designed for Fujifilm X-XH2 and X-H2S cameras. The new device includes a cold shoe mount, NATO rail, M3 port, ARRI standard rosette and several ¼-20 screw holes.

According to Tilta, the new cage gives users complete camera protection through integrated cushions that let operators of the unit handle their shooting with comfort and security. Tilta has also integrated Arca Swiss quick-release capability that lets the cage and its mounted cameras then mount quickly to most types of gimbals.

Due to its precision ergonomic design, the new cage also won’t block any of the buttons in the two Fujifilm cameras it’s built for. This basically means that a user can leave their X-XH2 or X-H2S shooters inside Tilta’s cage indefinitely for the sake of using the arrangement quickly as needed.

As Tilta explains, the camera cage and its attachments won’t interfere with camera use or vari-angle touchscreen operation in any way. This applies even if rail extensions are added in. The cage also doesn’t block the battery chambers of compatible cameras.

Tilta has already made some waves in the camera world with its previous release of another camera cage with built-in SSD for Sony camera models. In the case of this Fujifilm-compatible release, the device is a simpler model with no SSD capacity but plenty of practical usabilities.

According to Tilta, “The cage provides protective armor for your camera body and features mounting points such as 1/4”-20 threads, a Rosette Connection and a Cold Shoe Receiver,”

The company also elaborates that “The Top handle features several 1/4”-20 and 3/8”-16 threads as well as a single cold shoe receiver near the front of the handle. The Basic Kit includes a Manfrotto Quick Release plate for connecting to compatible Manfrotto Tripod Heads as well as a VILTROX Lens Adapter Support Bracket that connects directly to the camera cage.”

Videographers in particular should be able to appreciate the Tilta cage –assuming they use one of Fujifilm’s two compatible camera models- because the device makes camera mounting to stabilization points much easier, more secure and quicker.

In Tilta’s words, “The bottom of the cage connects to your camera body with a 1/4″-20 screw and utilizes an additional point of contact via a safety locating point that helps the camera from moving within the cage,”

What’s more, the cage has additional mounting points that let a user add on further accessories much more steadily and easily without having to improvise their own solutions.

As for still photographers, in most cases, something like Tilta’s cage won’t really be necessary for most photography work, unless of course, it’s of the kind that sometimes switches over to video shooting.

On a final note, the new Tilta Fujifilm X-XH2 and XH2S cage is made of an extremely light but tough aluminum alloy that lets it weigh only 200 grams. Tilta also offers numerous accessories such as focusing handles, wood handles and baseplates for their new device

Tilta’s X-XH2 and XH2S cage is already available directly from its maker’s website for $119 and is sometimes offered at a discount price.

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