Too Many Lens Choices? This Video Explains What’s Important

Anthony Gallo at the Content Creators YouTube channel recently hosted a video titled “Watch BEFORE Buying a Camera Lens for Filmmaking”.

It covers one of the basic questions that many photographers and video creators have, especially when they’re beginners.

Gallo starts off with a pretty good and visually clear rundown of what the most important specs in assorted lens types mean.

He also highlights this with specific visual examples that really drive his points home.

For example, right at the start of the video, Gallo stresses that the single most important thing to keep in mind is a lens’s focal length.

While I might not entirely agree with this for all situations, it’s generally useful to keep in mind when considering what you’re going to be filming and how (or in what context you plan on taking photos too).

The explanation’s focus on how focal length can distort images in specific ways is exceptionally useful for things like scene and portrait photography while also being geared toward video work for different genres.

In the same section, Gallo’s video also goes into the importance of sensor size in changing focal length for lenses, and he covers the usefulness of prime lenses with their variable focal lengths for versatile shooting.

The rest of the video then goes on to cover the essential details of aperture, mount stability, autofocus, and how you can use different lenses flexibly. He also underscores not worrying about always buying lenses from the same brand as your camera.

Overall, this is one intro video that’s very much worth watching, partly because it’s quite informative but also because the information is presented so clearly. If you’re a beginner, I definitely recommend it.

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Stephan Jukic is a technology and photography journalist and experimental photographer who spends his time living in both Canada and Mexico. He loves cross-cultural street photo exploration and creating fine art photo compositions.

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