UK Photographer Wins Photography Contest 1 Year After Buying First Camera

Lloyds Bank photo competition winner 2

Learning to take quality photographs in some niche can definitely be a skill that’s only learned after years of hard work, but it might also have a simple talent aspect. In other words, though we can’t cite direct evidence, some people just seem to pick up a knack for captivating photos faster than others.

This might definitely have been the case for amateur photographer Leo Caldecott, who won first prize in the 2022 Lloyds Bank “The Great British Outdoors” amateur photography competition less than a year after buying his first camera.

The prestigious UK bank recently announced the winners of its 2022 photography competition. Photographers from all over the United Kingdom were invited to participate with photo submissions through Lloyds Bank’s Facebook and Instagram pages. The theme of the submissions was the diversity and beauty of Britain’s outdoor spaces.

In Caldecott’s case, his photo of the so-called Radical Steps in Kirkby Lonsdale, Cumbria won him first place for the best overall photo. What also makes the selection of his winning shot interesting is that has a portrait orientation despite being submitted to a contest where landscape compositions are much more common. This could however be a sign of social media influence since both Instagram and Facebook tend more towards portrait orientation.

For Leo this was his first time ever entering a photography competition, and unsurprisingly, finding out that he’d won was a major surprise for him. As he explains, “To consider me in your top five, when entering my first ever photography competition, was a privilege,”

He further elaborates, “I stumbled upon [the steps] by chance, when the conditions were in my favour; a slight coating of water on the steps themselves and the lighting made for a perfect opportunity. By dropping the view low, I ensured that the viewer’s eye would be led up the steps into the distance. This fulfills my aim with any of my photography – to engage the audience, tell a captivating story, and create conversation.”

The budding photographer bought his first camera only a year ago and has since then become taken with a passion for capturing the many picturesque sights of the British countryside.

As a reward for winning, Leo Caldecott was given a two-night getaway for two in the geographically lovely Peak District of central northern England, and an iPhone 13 Pro phone.

Image credit: Lloyd’s Bank Facebook page

Major photo competitions and contests regularly open up to photographers from all over the world based on different themes. They’re often sponsored by major corporations, photography organizations, and of course also by important camera brands.

In most cases, these competitions are open to any participant from anywhere in the world and apply only minimal entry requirements. Not only can these photo contests be extremely fun, but they’re also a useful way for photographers to focus their work on narrowing down their best possible shots. Then there’s also the possibility of wider exposure or even a winning slot.  

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