Ulanzi & Falcam Releases New Falcam F50 Quick Release System in Two Variants

photo of ulanzi f50 base plat system

Falcam, a camera accessory brand under the Ulanzi Group, has released new quick-release kit options for professional videographers who want to save as much time as possible for the important, creative part of their work.

The new pieces of recording accessory gear are called the F50 Square Quick Release kit and the F50 Long Quick Release Kit.

Both come with a base plate and a base mount and include a host of robust design features for maximal user convenience and time savings.

Falcam’s new F50 Quick Release System is also compatible with over 90% of all Manfrotto 501-sized quick-release plates on the market, among others, making it broadly flexible for different uses.

The Falcam brand has really invested time and effort into making the new F50 Quick Release tough and very useful for videographers.

The product designer behind the new kits is himself a professional videographer who has used his years of experience to create a design that just works, effectively and quickly.

The aim of the F50 Quick Release System by Falcam is to take away the hours of cumulatively wasted time that videographers often spend on setting up equipment for shooting.

The F50 kits replace them with a mechanism that lets videographers click their gear into place with a single quick step.

image of Ulanzi F50 mounting kits

For releasing cameras and gear again, the Falcam F50 system works just as simply. Attached to one side of both the long and short kits is a sturdy metal bolt that can be pulled fully back to instantly release any sort of base plate or device.

Despite this ease of attachment and detachment for cameras and devices, the F50 Quick Release System holds objects in place extremely firmly. It’s solidly built to ensure that cameras don’t slip loose even under very active shooting conditions.

The F50 Quick Release System delivers a 50kg vertical load-bearing capacity and 50N-m torsional strength thanks to its precisely machined, high-strength aluminum alloy body.

image of mounting base load bearing diagram

Inside the Quick Release base’s design are several anti-spin screws that prevent deflection and accidental movement. These are accompanied by several variable limit screws that offer anti-false touch capacity, ensuring that the pull bolt for releasing devices never slips even if loosened.

Falcam has also given the F50 Quick Release mount bases a non-slip rubber pad traction layer that fits flush equipment so that it doesn’t slip during attachment. This also protects valuable camera gear from being scratched or dented while the Ulanzi F50 is being used with it.

The Falcam F50 Quick Release System also offers multiple attachment holes for universal interface devices and for dual-thread camera gear. This makes both kit types exceptionally flexible with many kinds of mounting needs.

The F50 Quick Release Mounting system comes in two different forms. The first of these is an F50 Square Quick Release Kit and the second is the F50 Long Quick Release Kit.

The two kits have the same payload capacity. However, the Square kit is installed in the upper part of a ball head, while the Long kit is installed in the lower part.

daigram of F50 quick mounting kit design

Both are designed with the same fundamental operating principles and materials, and they both work for the same types of gear in assorted contexts.

The range of brands that are adaptable to Falcam’s F50 kits is also large and growing. These include the already-mentioned Manfrotto, whose 501 kits are usable with the F50.

However, the adapter list also includes plates from DJI, Zhiyun, Tilta, SmallRig, Leofoto, Benro, SIRUI and iFootage among others.

Falcam’s Square Quick Release Plate is built with dimensions of 6.45 x 6.45 x 1.29 cm and weighs just 50 grams. The Square Quick Release base on the other hand measures out at 8.7 x 8.7 x 2.1 cm and weighs 160 grams.

In the case of the Long Quick Release Plate, it has dimensions of 12 x 4.98 x 0.94 cm and weighs 64 grams. Its corresponding Long Quick Release Base measures 12 x 8.67 x 2.1 cm and weighs 235 grams.

ulanzi f50 mounting bases diagram

The base and plate combinations of both the square and long kits are remarkably light for the amount of vertical load-bearing capacity and torsional strength they offer.

They’re also affordably priced at $73.9 USD for the F50 Square Quick Release Kit and $87.9 USD for the Long Quick Release Kit. Both kits are available directly through Ulanzi’s Falcam accessory web pages and will also be available on Amazon.com in early February.

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