Updated Rumors About Nikon’s Upcoming Zf Camera

A person holding a nikon camera in the snow.

As we recently covered, Nikon is heavily rumored to be releasing a new retro-looking camera model called the Zf soon.

Despite its reportedly old-fashioned external appearance similar to that of the Nikon Zfc, the supposedly imminent shooter is expected to come packed with a whole load of high-end specs. These sound good enough to make any photographer happy.

Our previous post breaks down a list of some of these, at least based on what swirling rumors are claiming.

How true they are, or how close the release of the Zf is, we don’t yet know, but one very telling “accident” makes it highly plausible: Nikon’s Japanese website recently posted the camera for sale before quickly removing it again.

Among the partially confusing speculation about the Zf’s specs are now updated claims that it will have a 24.4MP sensor that’s smaller than that of the Nikon Z7 II, or the still-pricier Nikon Z8 and Z9 models.

This updated sensor size fits the reported price tag of just $1,999 for the camera much better though. Based on the previous rumor of a 45MP sensor, the above price seemed a bit low for shooting power on par with that of the Z7II and Z8.

Either way, a whole new rumor about the camera has now also emerged. Basically, it’s being claimed that the Zf will come with a 24.4MP sensor but with a wholly new design.

The nikon dx-format camera is shown on a black background.

Specifically, this design will feature a new high-res mode with pixel shift technology that depends on the camera’s image stabilization to take multiple shots rapidly for a larger exposure than what its sensor can nominally offer.

This of course lets the idea of a 24.4MP sensor make sense while also giving previous claims of higher resolution plausibility. It also obviously implies an in-camera image stabilization system, which would be great too.

Pixel-shift technology for enhanced resolution is of course nothing new. It’s been around for over a decade since first being fleshed out by Olympus and other brands like Fujifilm and Sony also use it.

With pixel-shift resolution enhancement, it’s possible to quadruple a camera’s real resolution through multiple exposure trickery.

With this cameras like Sony’s A7R V can take” 240MP” images with their native 61MP sensor, while OM System’s (formerly Olympus) OM-1 can capture 80MP photos with its native 20.4MP sensor.

If the Nikon Zf does indeed feature a 24.4MP sensor but also includes a high-res mode that uses pixel-shifting, it might then be capable of enhanced 100MP images.

If on the other hand, its sensor’s native resolution does indeed end up being 45.7MP, then we’d be looking at photos with just under 200MP of shifted resolution.

With all these rumors, fans of Nikon cameras, and especially fans of retro-looking high-performance Nikon cameras have got an interesting reveal coming whenever Nikon makes its formal reveal.

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