Users Have Already Made 10 Million Images With Picsart’s New AI Image Generator

picsart text to image generator

Though Picsart launched its free AI text-to-image generator less than a month ago, the rendering platform is already being used over a million times a day by people to generate their own images.

Among all the other recent AI image rendering news that has taken the world by storm, this quantity alone should be enough to give any would-be human illustrator more than a bit of pause.

Picsart announced its new image-generation tool on November 2nd and since then, the AI-powered tool has been used to create over 10 million visuals.

Of these, many are freely available right through the site’s free-to-edit library for anyone to use however they like. That library is sure to grow enormously in the coming months.

One of the major reasons why Picsart’s rendering program has seen such meteoric growth is that the company already offers much more than just an AI image-generating program. Picsart offers a whole range of other photo and visual editing options to users and some of these are free too.

It helps that it was also first made easily available to iOS users, which gave it a huge install base. That the essential software is free to use also helped quite a bit too.

The Picsart AI generator is based on the now-famous Stable Diffusion AI algorithm, but also incorporates its own elements into the mix.

It has been designed to deliver easy usability, free rendered images and a fairly high level of quality for its visual outputs.

Picsart also gave the platform a very streamlined editing tool that lets users make their own images in just a few seconds.

picsart image editing options

Of course, the new Picsart tool is far from being the only such technology on the market, but its popularity has been rather unique.

So far, the app for iOS has been used to generate over 1 billion photo edits and it has also become one of the most popular photo editing apps in the world.

Other features that Picsart offers to set itself apart from some alternatives include the ability to auto-select prompts for users not sure how to phrase their texts, and a selection of preset image styles that users can pick to streamline and spice up their creation via text prompts.

According to the company’s Chief Product Officer, Mikayel Vardanyan “We’re thrilled at the great response this new feature has received in such a short time.”

He also added, “It really shows how far Picsart has come, and how engaged our community is. They’re really into the idea of using generative AI for their creativity.”

Picsart has also now unrolled an Android version of its app for an even broader user base. You can give their AI a spin either through their website or on your iOS device.

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