Venus Optics Releases Two New Lenses for APS-C and MFT

Image credit: Venus Optics

Chinese lens maker Venus Optics is a relatively new arrival to the optics market but its affordably-priced Laowa lenses are generally well-rated and highly functional for cameras from a number of different brands.

Today, the company has unveiled two new “ultra-fast” Laowa lenses in its Argus lineup of optic models. These two latest additions are the Laowa Argus 18mm f/0.95 APO optic for Micro Four Thirds sensors and the Laowa Argus 25mm f/0.95 APO lens for APS-C crop cameras.

Both new releases deliver a 35mm-equivalent field of view for their specific sensor formats and according to Venus Optics, their focal length is designed to be “extremely versatile due to the semi-wide but comfortable images produced”.

The company also explains that the two lenses are good for use with portrait photography, landscape shots and street shooting during everyday use.

According to Venus, “Pair with the ultra-fast aperture and the short minimum focusing distance of Argus lenses, photographers can create some really unique shots.”

The two lenses come with a 9-blade aperture with a maximum opening of f/0.95 that’s ideal for wide-angle shots with strong bokeh.

According to Venus Photography, the lenses are also “built to offer an incredible low-light shooting performance. Both lenses can create excellent contrast from center to corner. Perfect when you get limited time at dark sites or wants to increase the shutter speed.”

Another aspect of the two lenses is their apochromatic (APO) design for improved image quality through the elimination of chromatic aberrations and poor sharpness.

As Venus Optics explains about the technology, it “suppresses longitudinal and lateral chromatic aberration across in-focus & out-of-focus areas. Purple fringing is controlled to the minimum even wide open. The APO design reduces the post-editing time substantially, giving photographers and videographers the best image performance.”

Both lenses also come with an Aperture Ring Clock Switch that lets them shift quickly between apertures that are either ideal for photography or for video shooting.

In addition to the above, both lenses have internal focusing, which maximizes optical performance with both infinity focus and minimum focusing distance according to the manufacturer. This internal focusing feature offers the additional benefit of helping keep dust out of the lens interiors.

Image credit: Venus Optics

The Laowa Argus 18mm f/0.95 APO comes with a minimum focusing distance of just 7.87 inches, or 20cm and is fairly light at 1.1lbs, or half a kilo. It comes with a 62mm filter thread and 14 lens elements across 8 groups. This is the Micro Four Thirds-compatible lens of the two lenses.

The Laowa Argus 18mm f/0.95 APO costs $449 through the Venus Optics website or on sites like B&H

As for the Laowa Argus 25mm f/0.95 APO for APS-C, it’s the successor to a Micro Four Thirds version of the same lens that was launched earlier in the year and comes with a minimum focusing distance of 13.39 inches, or 34cm and weighs 1.26lbs or 575g. It features 14 lens elements across 9 groups and includes a 62mm filter thread.

This particular lens is currently priced at $549 on the Venus Optics website and is compatible with Sony E, Nikon Z, Canon RF, Fuji X and Canon EF-M mounts.

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