Viltrox Introduces new 75mm f/1.2 Lens for Sony and Nikon Cameras

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Viltrox’s 75mm f/1.2 lens was originally available only for Fujifilm X-mount cameras, but now it’s here for Nikon Z and Sony E-mount formats.

This so-called “high-end” prime lens for portrait photography emerged for Fujifilm X camera owners in February of this year promising superb AF quality and reliable, professional handling.

In actually achieving these things with Fuji’s high-caliber X cameras, the 75mm f/1.2 delivered really good results according to many reviews. Despite an unusual focal length and minor focus glitches, the lens was a solid performer and well-received.

Now it’s also available for Nikon’s flagship lineup of Z-mount cameras and Sony’s tried-and-true E-mount devices.

A nikon dslr camera with a lens attached.

According to Viltrox, the same performance that the 75mm delivered for Fuji devices is what photographers using these other cameras can also expect with its newest versions. This includes extremely high resolving power and sharp image quality from edge to edge, as long as the lens focuses precisely.

According to one review from Petapixel, the one issue with the Fujifilm version of the Viltrox 75mm was that its focus had to be extremely well nailed for crisp, clear image quality. The new Nikon and Sony editions of the lens may have the same issue.

A couple of sample photos taken with the lens showcase its photographic qualities:

A young asian woman sitting at a table with a pastry in her mouth. A woman holding a fan in front of a mirror.

With that said, the lens does have a lot going for it. Internally it’s made up of a remarkable 16 elements across 11 groups and this includes four high-refractive index lenses.

The lens’s aperture range goes from f/1.2 to f/16 with an 11-bladed diaphragm and its has a minimum focusing distance of 0.88 meters or 34.6 inches. The front filter size of the lens is 77mm.

The Viltrox 75 mm lens’s AF works through a screw-based STM system and it’s also worth noting that focusing is entirely internal in this lens.

The new version of the 75mm f/1.2 lens is also built for resilience to the elements according to Viltrox, which claims that it offers “professional level” water and dust resistance.

A close up of a lens on a white background.

This of course can mean a lot of things because weather sealing claims vary in practice from one lens and camera maker to another, but Viltrox affirms that the lens is good against water droplets and dusty air.

Viltrox is already selling the new Nikon Z and Sony E versions of its 75mm f/1.2 lens through authorized online retailers for a fairly reasonable retail price of $549. This is identical to the price of the Fujifilm edition of this lens.

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