Want a “sniper” dot for your camera? Keko Tokina has it

photo of camera with hot shoe attachment

Telephoto photography can sometimes feel almost like lining up for a sniper shot, and Keko Tokina has release something to make it seem even more like this.

The brand has started selling an attachable new red dot sight that lets you check your shooting range and track a moving object even over large distances that would usually be difficult with just a telephoto lens.

The product in question is called the SZ Super Tele Finder, and you can simply attach it to any camera’s hot shoe for instant use.  This creates an instantly projectable red dot that can be adjusted between 10 different brightness levels.

Keko Tokina has made the little Tele Finder brand neutral to keep things as simple as possible, meaning you can use it with most camera models and brands. Its red dot is also pretty straightforward by only offering that one color.

The SZ Super Tele Finder also delivers zero parallax at up to 70 meters and transmits 97% or more of its light to your target. It doesn’t offer magnification though. On the other hand, it’s waterproof down to two meters of water depth.

Overall, while the SZ Super Tele Finder is a pretty simple device for telephoto shooting, it makes tracking subjects easier with telephoto and super-telephoto lenses.

Keko Tokina has made its SZ Super device very compact too. This includes design parameters like a 56.5 x 29 x 32.5 body size and a lens area of just 26 x 21mm.

This little device was designed and put together by Kenko Tokina’s “scope” tech team and the manufacturer claims that they’ve created the laser dot to be very visible in diverse conditions. Its design also features an attachment plate that makes adjusting mounting positions easy for different needs.

Another useful thing about SZ Super Tele Finder is that it has space for its own power unit, a coin-sized lithium battery that you’d need to buy separately. This might even make it usable with older analog cameras.

camera with laser dot attachment

Some photographers might find the idea of a red dot sight for a camera a little strange, but it could definitely have its uses. Furthermore, the concept isn’t new either since Olympus unveiled something similar way back in 2015.

It’s also worth noting that Kenko Tokina’s SZ Super Tele Finder lets photographers keep their telephoto subjects in focus and in the frame without losing direct sight of them by looking through their viewfinder.

For long-distance photography of animals or other subjects that can quickly fall out of frame, this is great.

If this looks like something that might work for your own telephoto photography projects, you might have to wait or do some improvisation on obtaining a unit though. Kenko Tokina is only selling the SZ Super Tele Finder in Japan for now at a yen price that’s roughly equal to $370.

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  1. Richard Neal Anderson on March 31, 2023 at 10:46 am

    Hi folks, I have ALOT of experience working with type of optical attachment for both civil. & govt. applications. Mostly relating to firearms and related equipment. However, I think there are a number of applications where optical sighting devices of this type would be useful for “quick target acquisition”. Sighting subjects (target is a proper term, in this instance) such as those partially obscured or of a low contrast, low visibility. This would include things concealed by fog,rain or snow or even heavy water, in maritime situations. Want a quick solution to a practical problem? Go to a local tavern and ask a military man, a cop or an avid hunter over a few beers. You would be SURPRISED at some of the ” solutions” that might come us! Just an old sargent’s opinion! Been there & done that. It usually works. It’s called brain storming.

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