What to Expect for the Upcoming iPad Pro 2023 Launch


An odd detail about the major recent Apple “Far Out” event and its iPhone, Apple Watch, iOS 16, and other major announcements was that no new iPads appeared. This of course caused a lot of speculation that these particular and highly popular Apple products were being postponed for an October release. This is now looking likely and before that date arrives, here’s a brief rundown of what we can probably expect the iPads to offer. You decide if they’re worth saving for or if you should just buy an existing model now.

For one thing, we can probably expect to see both an updated 11-inch Pro and an updated 12.9-inch Pro model appear. These will replace the current versions of these two models.

Apple is also claimed to have a new and superior processor for its 2022 iPad Pro releases. This processor core is called the M2 and has the same essential design as the current M1 model but with more GPU cores for higher speed and better graphics handling.

Another very likely improvement is Apple’s fairly new mini-LED technology appearing in both the 11-inch and 12.9-inch editions. In the iPad 2021 editions, it’s only available with the 12.9-inch iPad Pro line. This screen tip comes from two different tipsters with a track record of predicting Apple technology before it’s formally announced.

Several sources are also predicting that the 2022 iPads will include MagSafe features, letting them enable connectivity through magnets to clip-on accessories, magnetic chargers, cases and other devices. What’s more, a June Bloomberg report claimed that there would also be a glass back to the 2022 iPads alongside wireless charging capacity and reverse wireless charging.

The 2022 iPads are also nearly certain to offer an improved battery life and as for their camera technology, we’re not 100% sure but it’s almost sure to see improvements. In the 2022 iPhone releases, we saw huge across-the-board camera technology improvements that were outright stunning in the Pro and Pro Max models, so it’s hard to imagine a new iPad without some sort of major camera boost.

As for Apple’s non-Pro smaller-screen iPad launch to replace the current non-Pro 10.2-inch model, the new release could feature several upgrades. These are said to include a USB-C port replacing current Lightning port technology and a possible screen size boost to 10.5 or even 10.9 inches along with a resolution boost. It will also possibly see its chipset boosted up to an A14 Bionic model.

Whether Apple -a company that normally loves fanfare for major product releases- releases the iPads at a major media event or via a more subtle press release-oriented strategy is something we’ll find out soon. Expect to hear more about these iPads in early October at the latest.

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