What to Hope for from Apple’s iPhone 14 Cameras

image credit: Apple, The Verge

Yet another generation of iPhone is about to enter the market and like their predecessors, they’re almost certainly going to include a range of improvements for their main features. Among these will be their cameras, which while already superb in existing iPhone 13 models, are likely to be even better in the new editions. Here’s a breakdown of key rumors on what might emerge.

The launch of the iPhone 14 has been confirmed for September 7th, which is just a few days away, and the special Apple event will be held at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, California, where Apple is headquartered. This occasion will undoubtedly feature a number of product and service announcements from Apple, but its center point is news about the new iPhone.

Predictably, speculation about the iPhone release has been ongoing for weeks and has led to hundreds of different rumors. Many of these are likely absurd but some have some substance. Our focus here is on its camera technology since the iPhone line already offers some of the best cameras in the entire smartphone ecosystem today.

For starters, a report by Trendforce that covers the details of camera module shipments has indicated that the iPhone 14’s two variants, the Pro and Pro Max might come with a wholly new main sensor. The rumors around this claim indicate that a sensor upgrade is going to include a huge leap upward in resolution from 12MP to a whopping 48MP.

More specifically, the claim is that the phone will be able to shoot at 48MP in good lighting conditions and 12MP if the light is low. Users can then choose which sensor level they prefer. If this feature really ends up being the case, it might be a premium specification that only the iPhone 14 Pro Max offers.

Image credit: Apple, Jon Prosser, Front Page Tech

Such a huge sensor isn’t so unusual either considering that Samsung’s best phone model, the Galaxy Z Fold, offers a huge 108-megapixel sensor. Pixel count is however tricky as a measurement of picture quality because the specific nature of the individual pixels makes a difference. In the iPhone’s case, it’s rumored that its sensor will be superior because each pixel will be sized at 2.5 microns instead of the 2.4 in the Samsung version.

This by the way is also why devices as small as phones can boast such huge photo resolutions that seemingly match or exceed those of today’s best professional cameras: The pixels themselves are much tinier than those of camera sensors.

Moving on, the iPhone 14 might also be the first model in the iPhone line that offers serious quality in its front-facing selfie camera. One rumor from the Korean website ET News claims that the selfie cam will feature LG Innotek technology with autofocus ability. Another related allegation from Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims that the front camera will include autofocus and a bigger lens aperture.

It’s worth noting that none of the above rumors have been verified in any way. They’re just based on some evidence, but still speculative. Without a doubt, the iPhone 14 will have an incredible camera. Its predecessors have excelled at this for many generations with both photos and videos captured by iPhones having previously been the winners of numerous photo and video competitions. For a tiny phone camera, the little device in the iPhone truly is a marvel of quality engineering.

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