Zenfolio Claims its New Software can Automatically Select Your Best Photos in “minutes”

Zenfolio photorefine.ai

According to web design platform Zenfolio, their new AI-powered software can help photographers shave hours off their editing time by using machine learning to automatically pick out their best photo compositions.

The photo culling and editing tool reportedly uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to rapidly sort and pick the best images from your whole submitted collection. Called PhotoRefine.ai, the software platform aims to help photographers dramatically reduce their workflow with a single simple process.

Essentially, PhotoRefine apparently works by rating photos based on specific criteria that include expression, prominence, focus and lighting. The AI details under the surface are undoubtedly more complex than that but those essentials could potentially deliver positive results for many types of images.

Zenfolio also claims that its software protects privacy by handling the photo analysis locally, right inside a user’s own computer through its internal processing power. Thus, no photos need to be uploaded to any cloud where they could possibly be exposed to hacks or leaks.

Zenfolio CEO John Laughlin has gone on record to say that,

“Zenfolio again is leading the way by introducing exclusive, advanced AI technology to professional photographers. The launch of PhotoRefine.ai is the next step in helping photographers operate more efficiently and grow their businesses through the power of emerging technologies. Zenfolio works hard to enable photographers to spend more time behind the lens and less time behind the desk.”

Existing paying users of Zenfolio’s “Pro Suit” web-building plans can access PhotoRefine.ai  without paying extra. Lower-tier “Portfolio Plus” and “Portfolio” users of the Zenfolio platform will have to fork over an extra $7 per month that gets billed on an annual basis. So far, Zenfolio doesn’t seem to offer PhotoRefine as a standalone option for non-members of the platform.

Zenfolio itself has already attracted plenty of fame in the photography world by becoming one of the more popular website-building systems for photographers who want to promote their work. With this user base and track record, the new photo sorting software should have little trouble finding users, assuming it works as well as claimed of course.

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