Zhiyun’s Pocket Video Light and 100W Light Offer Wonderful Versatility

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If you need studio-quality lighting for highly mobile location-based shoots, The Zhiyun brand’s Fiveray F100 stick light and M40 pocket fill lights might be just the thing.

The Chinese brand Zhiyun has released a product combo that tries to show how studio-quality lighting doesn’t have to involve heavy stands and loads of support equipment.

The company’s Fiveray F100 portable stick light and Fiveray M40 pocket light combined together can be carried easily to just about anywhere and offer a surprising amount of illumination power.

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Image credits: Zhiyun

Both devices are now available and both utilize Zhiyun’s so-called stay-cool technology for avoiding overheating and minimize power consumption.

The brand has even patented this technology as the “Dynavort Cooling System”.

One great money-saving option is to get your hands on the F100 Fiveray light stick and the Fiveray M40 pocket light now for a special Black Friday discount offer that strips 55% off their regular retail price.

They’re of course also available year-round if you’re in no rush and don’t want to save hundreds of dollars.

Zhiyun’s Dynavort Cooling System’s stay-cool technology has been inspired by the guidance of expert physicists according to its maker.

Zhiyun also claims that it uses a two-way cooling system and intelligent control mechanisms to keep the F100 and M40 lights persistently cool.

To break things down a bit, let’s start with the Fiveray F100 stick light. This is a new professional photography lighting stick by the brand and is the second of its kind to have been added to the Fiveray product range by Zhiyun.

The F100 is built for single-handed use and has been designed to offer comfortable control and settings for minute adjustments as you work with it. It also offers a simple but clear color rendition for shoots of any kind.

The F100 stick can also get exceptionally bright, offering up to 27,708 lux when using its peak power of 100 watts. Inside, it comes with 5 times the density of LED chips offered by most other sticks in its price range. This means serious lighting power.

The F100 also offers six different creative lighting effects for shooting in a versatile range of spaces that can either be small or large.

Other unique features of the stick include one-click adjustment of settings such as hue and saturation and an intensity mode that can be calibrated through the F100’s control dial.

Additional features that Zhiyun claims for the F100 are professional color renditions that can be increased by 47% from 2700K to 6200K in CCT mode.

The F100 also comes with a frosted light casing that lets it offer diffused lighting ambiance as desired.

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Zhiyun’s Fiveray M40 is a surprisingly powerful pocket light that doesn’t shine quite as brightly as the F100 but still delivers a hefty 14000 lux of illumination.

It does this with a 40W maximum power output for close and diffuse lighting shots. It can also be quickly recharged as needed with its fast charging capacity.

 Like the F100, the M40 also comes with stay-cool technology and modulates its temperature through algorithm-controlled cooling adjustments.

Because this is a highly portable, genuinely pocket-sized light, it also happens to weigh just 320 grams or 11 ounces.

Inside the M40 are 176 LED chips that deliver both strong light and help with creating incredible color rendition that ranges from warm to cool hues.

The M40 comes with two dial wheels for precise dimming control and if used with a gimbal stabilizer unit and rotational bracket from the same brand, can create 360 degrees of lighting direction.

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Zhiyun’s own CEO Yilun Liao has also stated that “we are passionate about using breakthrough innovations –  whether it’s with our iconic gimbals or our new FIVERAY lighting devices – to simplify and reshape content creation. With several industry firsts under our belts including the M40’s DynaVort Cooling System™, our products offer full creative control and convenience for anyone wanting to experience and express their inner filmmaker.”

Both Zhiyun’s F100 light stick and its highly portable M40 Pocket Light are available right now on the manufacturer’s website at a unique discount price. So far, they’re not being sold by Amazon or even B&H, though we expect this to change soon.

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