ZY Optics Introduces Three New Low-Cost Performance Lenses

A set of three lenses in a black case.

Chinese company Zhong Yi Optics is introducing a new trio of lenses called the Mitakon Speedmaster 20mm/35mm/50mm Super 35 T1 Cine Lens Set.

All three offer high-speed prime lens functionality for APS-C camera formats using a T1.0 transmission.

The T stands for t-stop and though it isn’t quite the same as f-stop, the two are usually interchangeable enough to be very workable. In the case of the new Mitakon Speedmaster lenses, it suggests great bokeh through shallow depth of field.

The three lenses are built for Super 35-equivalent APS-C image sensors and have been designed for compatibility with Canon’s RF, Fuji’s X, Nikon’s Z and Sony’s long-standing E-mount formats.

Three black camera lenses on a black surface.

It’s worth noting here that all three of these lenses are for cinematography instead of photographic use (though they can be used for that too.) Thus they supposedly offer low distortion and low focus breathing according to Zhong Yi.

The design parameters of the three new lenses are mostly the same across the board despite differences in weight.

All three are manual focus lenses with 270 degrees of focus throw and manual aperture rings with 60-degree throws. They all share the same nine-bladed aperture design, a diameter of 88mm and a 77mm filter thread. They’re all also 3.7 inches or 9.3 cm long.

On the other hand, their internal lens element configurations do differ. For starters, the Mitakon 20mm S35 T1.0 is composed internally of 13 elements in 8 groups, while the other two lenses, the 35mm and 50mm come with 11 elements in 8 groups.

A camera lens on a white background.

Of the three, the heaviest is the cine lens, the 50mm model, which weighs 1.8 lbs or 820 grams. This is followed by the 20mm at 1.6 lbs or 730 grams and the lightest, the 35mm weights 1.4 lbs or 640 grams.

ZY Optics also offers much more detailed specifications for the Mitakon Speedmaster 20mm/35mm/50mm Super 35 T1 Cine Lens Set on its website, here.

A black case with four lenses in it.

Their metal bodies contain constant unified gear positions that let a photographer change between them in their camera without having to reconfigure the setup.

Zhong Yi has made all three lenses available individually for the same price of $499. The 35mm Sony E-format and Fuji X-format editions are available on B&H already.

On the other hand, all three for any of the supported camera formats can be bought as a boxed set with a protective hard case from the ZY Optics website for a total price of $1,299.

Another combination of four lenses from this same brand is the Mitakon Speedmaster 17mm/25mm/35mm/50mm Micro Four Thirds T1 Cine Lens Set. This is available on B&H for $1,339.

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