ZY Optics Reveals a New APO 200mm Telephoto Macro Lens

the nikon a7rii is shown with a lens attached to it.

Zhong Yi Optics, also known as ZY Optics, has released a new APO 200mm f/4 macro 1x lens, compatible with multiple camera brands.

The new 200mm Macro lens model is aimed at meeting a still poorly met spot in the lens market for telephoto optics that can shoot crisp macro photos. This particular model works with Sony E, Nikon Z, Canon RF and Leica L as well as Fujifilm X cameras.

Nikon Rumors first reported on the ZY Optics Mitakon APO 200mm f/4 Macro 1X lens but availability has been a bit spotty it seems.

Models do sell on eBay through one retailer but Zhong Yi’s own English language site didn’t have the new edition.

With telephoto macro lenses, photographers can take advantage of this unique combo to capture up-close shots of subjects that it’s hard to get physically close to.

A basic example of this is insect photography, in which the physical closeness required by an ordinary macro lens can easily scare off a photographer’s literally flighty subjects.

With telephoto macro models like the ZY Optics Mitakon APO 200mm f/4 Macro 1X, photographers can grab those crisp, up-close shots of small subjects without having to get close.

a black box with a lens and ring next to it.

This particular model offers a focus distance of as little as 0.48 meters, or 1.57 feet with a max reproduction ratio of 1:1. These specs make it a true macro lens. At the same time, it can let you shoot from a distance to achieve the same close-up results.

The lens comes with 11 internal elements in seven groups and three of these are ED lenses, another three are ultra-high index elements and one other is an extra-high transmission lens.

This is a manual focus model and comes with a manual aperture control and a 9-bladed diaphragm.

Zhong Zhi has given the ZY Optics Mitakon APO an apochromatic design (this is what the APO stands for) and this means that multiple unique lenses combine to reduce chromatic aberration.

This is particularly important in a macro telephoto edition like this because it makes both telephoto and macro shots emerge correctly.

The manufacturer also claims that its new lens offers great bokeh and is useful for portrait shooting too. ZY Optics also adds that this is an internally focused lens, so its length won’t change with changes to focus distance.

In terms of dimensions, the ZY Optics Mitakon APO 200mm f/4 Macro 1X is large but reasonably sized with an 8.5-inch (216mm) length and a weight of 2.7 lbs or 1.23 kilos. It also has a 67mm filter thread.

an image of a lens on a white background.

As a nice little bonus, ZY Optics is shipping the lens with a removable tripod mount included.

Long macro lenses like this model are of course nothing new on the market. Certain photographers love using them because of their unique needs and brands like Nikon and Canon have previously released their own models.

These respectively are the popular Nikon 200mm f/4 Micro lens and Canon’s FD 200mm f/4 Macro for EF mounts.

The problem with both is that they’re getting old and neither lens is compatible with newer mirrorless camera models. Like Nikon’s Z mount or Canon’s RF mount, at least not without adapter rings.

Only Sony has delivered a 70-200mm f/4 Macro G OSS II that works with this brand’s mirrorless cameras, but it doesn’t offer 1:1 macro shooting without a special 2x converter.

In other words, the ZY Optics Mitakon APO 200mm f/4 Macro 1X lens is a potentially useful and fairly affordable option for photographers who want to directly mount a telephoto macro to their mirrorless cameras from some of today’s best brands.

Again, this lens model doesn’t come with an AF feature and lacks a few other useful extras that you’d expect from a brand-name lens. However, its broad compatibility, good image quality and fairly low price of $499 compensate nicely.

The only downside to this lens, for the time being, is that you can buy it only through Japanese retailer Shoten Kobo’s eBay page.


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