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Unleash your Camera’s Full Potential
with One-to-One Guidance from a
Photography Master

36 bite-sized videos packed full of expert advice from one of photography’s all time greats.
The guaranteed fastest way to improve your photography in 2023...

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Does this sound familiar to you?
You finally bought a nice new camera…

(You thought that maybe it would make your photos look great, like the ones you see on those fancy blogs.)

Everyone told you that getting a new camera was the key to great photos!

… but the photos you take look… well… the same as the ones you take on your phone :-(

(...or maybe even... dare I say it... worse!!)

...But doesn’t a better camera mean better photos?!

Well, no not really :-(

Here’s the problem…

These days, any camera has the ability to take a great photo.

Whether you spend $300 or $3,000 on a new camera, you can still take a great photo.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is that you need to know how to take a great photo with your new camera!

Leaving your camera on ‘Auto’ and hoping for the best just won’t cut it…

(Even if you have got the latest and greatest camera!)

Learning how to use your camera is just plain old BORING!!

Reading the camera manual... taking a class… googling it… you don’t have time for that!

So what's the secret to taking better photos?!

Introducing... Photo All Star

40 years of photography experience
crammed into 36 downloadable videos
to help you take AMAZING photos!

Take better photos...
Master your Camera...
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No fluff - just the essentials!

I’m not going to lie to you…

Learning photography ain’t easy!

Peter Eastway has been ‘learning’ for the past 35 years, in fact.

(Well actually, he’s a ‘Grand Master of Photography’, so you could say he knows it all now!!)

More about Peter in a minute - for now, let’s just say that you’ve got the best teacher in the industry :-)

The information in Photo All Star is just the good stuff.

It’s just the essentials to get you out of boring ‘Auto’ mode, and into the world of creative photography.

Photo All Star is quite simply the key to getting the most out of your camera.

Introducing your Teacher...
Master of Photography: Peter Eastway

Grand Master of Photography Peter Eastway. Author of Lonely Planet's Guide to Landscape Photography and Better Photography Magazine, multi-award-winning photographer, and coveted educator of all things photography.

Peter's years of experience and unique ability to convey his vast knowledge of creative photography to every level of photographer has earned him the status of world-class educator.

Now, for the first time ever, Peter Eastway takes you on a journey to transform your skills as a photographer. Learn to see the light, take control of your camera, and produce truly creative photography.

With Peter Eastway as your personal guide and mentor, get ready to release the true potential of your camera and your creative mind.

Here’s why you should be VERY excited to have Peter as your Private Teacher...

With all those years of photography experience… all those awards… all that knowledge…

It’s obvious that Peter knows his stuff when it comes to photography!

But what’s really exciting for you, is that Peter is one of the best teachers in the industry.

(Sidenote: Peter usually charges $250/hour for one-to-one tutoring.)

It’s all well and good having lots of knowledge, but it takes a certain skill to be able to condense it all into something useful and easy to understand.

In Photo All Star, Peter Eastway distills 35+ years of experience into 28 easy-to-understand videos, designed with only one goal:

To help you take better photos ( matter what camera you own)!

Here’s what’s covered in each lesson

The Secrets to Photo All Star
(...and why they'll work for you)

Secret #1 - Distilled Knowledge

  • Learning photography can get overwhelming.
  • Photo All Star doesn’t claim to include everything there is to know about photography…
  • Instead, it includes only the essentials, to get you from zero to taking amazing photos in no time.

Secret #2 - On-Location Examples

  • Peter explains the principles in the classroom, where it’s just you and him - no distractions!
  • Then it’s off to a location, to give you an example of how to put all that theory into practice.
  • Photo All Star was filmed in the exotic Gold Coast in Australia, but includes locations realistic to all photographers.
  • You’ll be able to relate to each situation, and put your newfound knowledge into practice right away.

Secret #3 - Real Camera Examples

  • Peter shows you the basics of how to set up cameras from all the major brands.
  • Just watch Peter and follow along to get the most out of your camera’s settings, including some tips and tricks that only the pros know ;-)
  • Gain confidence with whatever camera you're using to take control of the creative process.

Who is Photo All Star for?

Do you struggle to take meaningful photos with your camera?

Do you want to use Manual mode? (...but fear missing the shot, so switch it back to Auto every time?!)

Do you find yourself using your phone to take photos... just because it’s ‘easier’?

Do you secretly wish the photos you post on Facebook and Instagram would get more Likes?

If you answered YES! to any of the above questions, Photo All Star and Peter Eastway are here to help.


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