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Insurance may not be the most interesting topic of conversation when discussing photography, but unfortunately it’s one of those necessary things we have to think about sooner or later.

If you’re a photographer from the UK and want to make sure you and your equipment is covered by the most cost effective and all-embracing insurance policy out there, Shotkit has done the research and narrowed it down to, what is in our opinion, two of the best – AON and InFocus.

Whilst both AON and InFocus have been around for some time and offer competitive products, we’re leaning towards AON as the best bet. Here we’ve enlisted an independent external reviewer to break down the reasons why AON should be your insurance provider of choice.

Professional indemnity

The In Focus premium of £175 initially compares favourably with Aon’s premium of £258, but that is principally because In Focus’ is a negligence only wording, rather than the full civil liability product from Aon. Additionally, the jurisdiction on In Focus is UK only, compared to Aon being Worldwide excluding USA & Canada. In Focus has a £250 excess compared to Aon having zero excess. Aon also covers for hacker damage and brand protection which In Focus does not.

General liability

The premium for the £5m limit on In Focus is £200, making the £150 from Aon, some 25% cheaper. Aon cover for motor contingent liability and damage to hired or loaned property.

Employers liability

The premium of £75 is the same for both schemes. The only difference is that In Focus has a cap on wage roll (£100k) while Aon has a cap on the number of employees (three).

Technical equipment

The rate of 1.75% on £50k of technical equipment on In Focus again initially compares favourably with the rate of 2.0% on £50k of technical equipment from Aon. Aon provides cover for fraudulent hire, loss of hire fees, loss of prevention costs, additions to equipment and reconstitution of data which the In Focus product does not. Aon limits for continuing hire charges, alternative hire costs and re-shoot/re-compilation costs are also much higher from Aon.

So, it seems the rates between the two photographers insurance providers are fairly close, but Aon insurance offers a superior package for professional photographers.

Key cover differences include:

Full civil liability PI cover,
Cover for damage to property hired or loaned to the client,
Electrical and mechanical breakdown cover on the clients technical equipment.

Get more information and build a cover plan that suits you at:

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  1. Deirdre Ryan on March 24, 2017 at 8:20 am

    I have business insurance through The Hartford, and because I’m a USAA member, I get a special rate. They cover me and my equipment on location and when travelling. You can still purchase business insurance with The Hartford without being a USAA member. USAA is banking, car insurance and financing services for military and their families(thanks dad!).

  2. Glen on June 28, 2014 at 5:44 am

    I second what Jonny said.

  3. Jonny on April 19, 2014 at 12:19 am

    Can you please do this for the U.S. as well?!

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