8 Tools that will help you make more money as a photographer in 2022


I've been shooting professionally all over the world for years.

I've earned a lot of money, made a lot of people happy, and have had an awesome time doing it.

This is the list I wish existed when I first started taking photos.

If you're a professional photographer (or want to become one), everything here will help you make more money by shooting more (while reducing your time spent managing/editing clients.)

🚀 8 Recommended Tools for Photographers

- Adobe Lightroom (& Photoshop) - is by far the best photo editing and image management software for photographers that keeps getting better with every update. I love the way it syncs everything across your devices, allowing you to edit photos on your phone or tablet on the go. You also get Photoshop included if you get the Photography Plan that I use - Get it here.

- Luminar Neo - Neo helps you do Photoshop-like edits in a fraction of the time. I use it to add realistic sunset skies to real estate, portrait and wedding photos, and to retouch portraits. Yes, Photoshop can do these tricks too, but Neo is quicker and easier. Use code shotkit10neo to save $10.

- AfterShoot - once you start shooting several times a month, this tool can save you tons of time in culling photos - i.e. choosing which ones to keep vs delete. Culling is hard for photographers, as we have an emotional attachment to images. This tool makes it easy and fast. Use code SHOTKIT10 to save 10%.

- ShootProof - you need an online gallery to share photos with your clients (or family!), and ShootProof is the best one I've used. You can actually make money selling your photos as prints with it too, which is handy if you hate in-person sales. Use code SHOTKIT25 to save 25%.

- ImagenAI - If you hate editing or can't keep up, this is an AI-powered app that learns your editing style and does it all for you in a couple of minutes. If you want to scale your photography business, this app is a great way to do it. Try it out here with 1,500 free edits.

- Flothemes - your photography website needs to look amazing. Simple as that. Flothemes is a website builder with templates - it's got a learning curve, but when you get the hang of it, it's simple to use and helps you create a great-looking blog. Use code SHOTKIT25 to save 25%.

- Smart Albums - making albums is a good way to increase your income when shooting professionally, and this software makes it easy and quick to do it. It's got a built-in feedback portal which lets clients leave notes on each album page, which is a big time-saver. Use code SHOTKIT15 to save 15%.

- Rawsie - this one will help you save money on hard drives in the long term. Rawsie is an app that compresses your massive raw files into more manageable DNGs. Use code SHOTKIT10 to save 10%.

Mark Condon
Shotkit Founder, Editor, Writer & Reviewer

Mark Condon is a British wedding photographer and editor of Shotkit. When he’s not taking photos or reviewing the latest camera gear and software, Mark can be found cycling around the northern rivers.

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