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Photography equipment by Emin Kuliyev for Shotkit

It’s been over 3 years since I started Shotkit, and since then, I’ve been inundated with awesome photography equipment photos from photographers all over the world.

The basic concept of showing other photographers what’s inside your camera bag and a selection of your best work has been so popular, and Shotkit and its community continues to grow every day.

We all know that it isn’t photography equipment that makes a good photo, but it’s still entertaining and interesting to take a peek inside other photographers’ camera bags!

Whether your camera gear bag is full to the brim with the latest cameras, lenses, lights and gadgets (like that of Emin Kuliyev in the image above), or if you prefer to go minimal, it really doesn’t matter:

Anyone who takes a good photo is welcome on Shotkit!

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Photography Equipment – 3 Years of Shotkit

Photography equipment of Luke Fontana for Shotkit

It’s always nice when photographers inject a bit of their personality in their photography equipment photo | Luke Fontana for Shotkit

To celebrate over 3 years of Shotkit, I put together this video showing all the photography equipment that photographers have submitted.

I appreciate the time and effort that everyone has put into their ‘Shotkit gear photo’, and I think it’s one of the main reasons that’s contributed to the success of the site.

Shotkit has been featured on numerous industry sites, in magazines and even in international newspapers, and I’m confident that every photographer featured on the site has shared in the publicity as a result.

Our shared passion as photographers for our art, as well as a shared desire to explore the photography equipment of our peers makes Shotkit the number one resource of its kind on the Internet.

I hope to continue bringing you the world’s best photographers, photography education, entertainment and much, much more in 2017.

With that, enjoy the video below created with SmartSlides… but prepare to drool!

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