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Six Tips for Shotkit is a 2016 video series which distills the experience of the world’s top photographers and industry professionals down into six actionable professional photography tips which you can apply immediately to improve your own photography and photography business.

I will be uploading new videos to this post regularly, creating what I hope to be the best free professional photography tips resource on the Internet.

All the information on professional photography tips contained here is 100% free.

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Professional Photography Tips for Shotkit

Franck Boutonnet – Wedding Photography Tips and Tricks

wedding photography tips

Franck Boutonnet is somewhat of a veteran of the wedding photography indystry, with over 14 years of experience under his belt.

Franck was ranked as the Photographer of the Year with the Wedding Photojournalist Association in 2008. In 2010, the Italian luxury bridal magazine ‘Just Married’ named Franck as one of the world’s best wedding photographers.

Since then Franck has won over 100 awards for his unique style of wedding photography, typically characterised by stylistic, high contrast black and white imagery.

This professional photography tips interview with Franck was shot in a small hotel room in Portland during the Mystic Seminars 2016.

Watch the video for Franck’s 6 wedding photography tips to get a unique insight into his unique creative mind. You can also see what Franck carries in his camera bag here.

Fer Juaristi – Wedding Photography Tips and Tricks

Fer Juaristi Shotkit

I caught up with Fer in Portland during the 2016 Mystic Seminars earlier this year.

Fer is world renowned for his unique blend of fine art wedding photography which seamlessly combines humour, spontaneity, emotion and beauty. His eye for zany compositions and a desire to use each wedding as an ‘experiment’ leads to an original and inimitable body of work.

One of the few wedding photographers to blog images each and every wedding,  Fer is able to maintain a high level of consistency in his photography, attracting legions of fans who love him for both his work and his humour.

This Six Tips for Shotkit episode was shot in my cramped hotel room, a suitably rough-and-ready location to match Fer’s down-to-earth personality and humility.

Watch this professional photography tips  video and pick up some tips on Fer’s approach to wedding photography.

You can also check out what Fer carries in his camera bag here, and see what he had to say about the Lightroom PowerUser ebook.

Two Mann Studios – Wedding Photography Tips and Techniques


I met up with Lanny and Erika Mann of Two Mann Studios during their visit to Australia in 2015.

Lanny and Erika had just been named the Top 2 Wedding Photographers in the World by Fearless Photographers, and I was keen to catch up with them to pick their brains on how they conduct their unique version of wedding photography.

It’s clear from the interview that Lanny and Erika are working extremely hard for their success. Over 100 hours goes into the post production of every wedding, not to mention the 16+ hour days and over 20,000 images shot each and every time they cover someone’s special day.

Watch the video below to hear more about their wedding photography technique which has helped them become two of the most sought after photographers in the industry. Then check out what Two Mann Studios carry in their camera bag here.

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