Transform Your Photos from Dull to WOW with These Premium Lightroom Presets in ONE-CLICK!


20 Custom Lightroom Presets: Only $35

  • Compatible with all versions of Lightroom
  • Works with Windows & Mac
  • Use on desktop, mobile or tablet
  • Instant Download

What Can They Do?

Don't waste hours editing each of your photos in Lightroom - just apply a preset with one click, then fine-tune to perfection!

🏝️ Wonderwall
A favourite all-rounder preset that you can apply to any photo for more impact, without going over the top.

✨ Ziggy Stardust
A dreamy, muted colour palette with purple and pink undertones for a funky, retro vibe.

🤘🏼 Enter Sandman
A strong, contrasty black and white preset with punch. Great for gritty street photography.

👩 Vogue
A classic black and white preset which boosts highlights for a high-key fashion look worthy of a magazine cover.

😎 Bohemian Rhapsody
Retro 35mm film inspired goodness for a unique filmic look with a touch of nostalgia.

🦁 Born to be Wild
An all-rounder preset for the great outdoors, to bring back highlight detail, boost shadows and enhance scenery.

🍾 Champagne Supernova
Colourful without being garish, this dreamy preset brings pastel hues to flatten out your scene.

🎹 Uptown Funk
Liven up any boring photo with crazy light leaks and a funky colour palette.

🎸 Buddy Holly
Deep, contrasty and rich, add some depth and attitude to your people photos with this dynamic preset.

🔥 Light My Fire
Bring the heat with this temperature intensifying preset that can make even the coldest photo seem warm.

🤔 Imagine
Another great all-rounder with multiple uses , Imagine warms up highlights and shadows to awaken dull photos.

💭 Yesterday
Warm reddish-brown sepia tones for a nostaligic feel you can apply easily to any photo.

💛 Yellow Submarine
For the times you want your photo to really sing, this fun preset lights up your colours for that feel good vibe.

🌴 Californication
Retro vibes combine for a coastal Californian vibe from days gone by.

😌 Relax
Another nostalgic de-saturated film-look preset which cools down shadows, while adding a touch of grain for texture.

🇬🇧 London Calling
A dirty, gritty, high contrast street inspired preset that's perfect for adding impact to urban scenes.

🏄🏼‍♀️ Surfin' Safari
For that warm Instagram orange and teal look that's so popular right now.

😍 My Girl
Light and airy low-contrast preset which lifts shadows and reduces colour imbalances.

🦹🏻‍♂️ Smooth Criminal
Low contrast, subtle and subdued black and white preset that's popular with wedding photographers.

💃 Tiny Dancer
Funkify your photo with some bold pizzazz with this all-in-one preset.

20 Custom Lightroom Presets: Only $35

  • Compatible with all versions of Lightroom
  • Works with Windows & Mac
  • Use on desktop, mobile or tablet
  • Instant Download

Recent Feedback

"If you're short on time and don't want to wade through hundreds of similar presets from some random bundle, I highly recommend these all rounders - there's at least one that's perfect for each of my photos from every trip. Saves me ages!"



"I don't own a laptop just my trusty iPhone but I still love taking pics so I got hold of these presets to use with Lightroom Mobile and they work a treat." Plus they're cheap as chips lol"



"I needed a quick way to share photos with clients on my Instagram before doing a full edit at home and these Lr presets were perfect for that. My fave is 'Surfin' Safari' which gives my photos a nice look."



"Lightroom presets have always been hit or miss for me but these I'm happy to say have hit the mark. There are about 5 or 6 I use regularly to edit all the pics of my kids to share on Facebook and I get some nice comments and likes from my friends!"



"I don't want to spend my life editing photos behind my computer - who has time for that, honestly?! I bought the Rock Steady set to help speed up my photo editing and they've helped me a ton. You can even set your favorite ones up to be applied to your photos when you import them from your camera, which saves even more time. Highly recommended."



"Some photos need a long time for editing in Lightroom or Photoshop. Some can be quick but usually takes so long! Using presets is the trick to make quick and simple photos nicely with no editing skill!"



Frequently Asked Questions

Don't waste any more time editing your photos - just apply a preset, fine-tune, and you're good to go!

  • Compatible with all versions of Lightroom
  • Works with Windows & Mac
  • Use on desktop, mobile or tablet
  • Instant Download

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