6 Tips for the Perfect Selfie


It’s no secret that we all love selfies. On average, 93 million selfies are posted online every day; every 10 seconds, 10 selfies are posted to Instagram.

HQ Press reports that 14% of people take 30 or more selfies every day! Pretty fun, right?!

But how can you be sure you’ll get the perfect smartphone selfie every time? Do you really need to shoot thousands of outtakes? Or perhaps the secret is in the surroundings and lighting?

Below are 6 tips for capturing the perfect selfie on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

(If you’re interested in stepping up your selfie game even further, check out guide to the best camera for selfies.)

1. Use Burst Mode

Most modern smartphones have a burst mode function. All you need to do is to hold down the camera button, to take multiple photos per second.

After you release your finger, simply scroll through the photos, and select the best shot.

On the latest iPhones, the camera app will even suggest which selfie it thinks is the best! Just don’t forget to delete the outtakes to save you some storage space.

2. Use a Self-Timer

Have your phone set a countdown timer to give you more time to prepare for your selfie.

On an iPhone, you can set the timer for 3 or 10 seconds by clicking on the clock icon at the top of the camera app.

Click on the photo button to start the timer, and in 3 or 10 seconds your phone will take a selfie.

You can also use your ear phones as a remote control, allowing you to ‘trigger’ the camera at arm’s length.

3. Use additional equipment

best tripods for iphone and smartphones

Use an iPhone selfie stick, mini-tripod or other iPhone camera accessories to stabilize your camera and keep it from shaking.

Even the act of pressing the shutter button on your phone can introduce some unnecessary camera shake, which in turn can leave your selfie looking slightly blurred, particularly in low light.

If you don’t want to buy any accessories to stabilize your phone, just get creative! Use a bottle of wine, a book or even a shoe to prop up your phone and keep it stable.

4. Focus your camera manually

Before taking a selfie, tap on your camera display to select where you’d like the camera to focus.

If the phone still struggles to keep your face in sharp focus, some smartphone cameras or third party apps allow you to switch to manual focus.

5. Invest in some education


Education to help take a better smartphone selfie, you ask?! Surely not!

Well, there’s actually a lot more that goes in to taking a great smartphone photo (selfie or otherwise) than simply pointing it somewhere and tapping the shutter button.

We’re big fans of a video course called the iPhone Photography Academy, which teaches how to get the most from your iPhone’s camera.

With every new model, Apple pushes the boundaries of what is possible with the iPhone’s camera, and this video course is regularly updated with new tricks and tips to help improve your shots.

6. Light your selfie like a pro


Have you ever taken a selfie in front of something interesting, then checked the photo and found your face to be dark, while the background is still light? It happens a lot…

Thankfully, there’s a great new photo editing app called LightApp that uses powerful AI to improve photos.

The app can locally light up your face in a selfie taken under harsh lighting (in front of a window or in a shadow with a bright background, for example) without an external lighting or any other fancy equipment.

To avoid “white holes” in the background of a picture, the selfie is taken at low exposure, then AI provides artificial lighting based on adjustment maps to locally light up specific elements for a balanced photo.


Of course, this technology can be used for more than selfies. Everyone has botched photos that they don’t want to delete because of fond memories — but the poor quality keeps you from sharing the photos. LightApp helps you improve those photos and share them with the world.

Specifically, the LightApp AI can illuminate dark areas, fix overexposed photos and even fix white balance.

For the perfect selfie, take a photo directly within LightApp, or open a selfie from your gallery into the app.

Next, simply use the slider to find the optimal light ratio for your photo and save it. That’s it, the perfect selfie is ready!

You won’t need to worry about the position of the sun or other light sources to get the perfect shot.

LightApp is available on the App Store and is free to download.

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