Shotkit Book Troubleshooting

Hey there!

I’m sorry to hear you’re having troubles downloading the Shotkit Book. There are a few issues that are unfortunately out of my control, but hopefully your issue can be resolved by the info below. If not, please get in touch and I’ll look into it for you.

(For iBooks download option, not PDF option)

1. Do not click ‘Open in App’ on your receipt. Click Download.


2. Do you have iBooks installed on your device? Without iBooks you cannot view the file.

3. The file download can take between 5-30 minutes (depending on your Internet speed of course). If you try and open the file before it has downloaded completely, it will just duplicate the file and not work. You need to wait until it’s completed downloading, so check the progress in your Internet browser before trying to load the file.

4. Purchase button not working? Try these links:

iBooks version:

PDF version: