Top 5 Features of inPixio Photo Studio for Photographers

InPixio Photo Studio is packed full of useful features, but here are our top 5 ways to help make your photos look even better this year.

inPixio Photo Studio is a lightweight piece of photo editing software that comes packed with features, but where should you start to get the most out of your image editing?

After spending some time editing a variety of photos in inPixio Photo Studio, I found that these were the five most impactful features that come with this software.

inPixio Photo Studio

Offers a simple and affordable solution to editing photos, with intelligent automatic effects.

They let you do everything from deleting unwanted objects from your photographs to change sunrise to sunset.

Next time you open up inPixio Photo Studio, you can skip right to these five editing tools. 

1. Remove Background 

I found the most useful feature in inPixio Photo Studio to be the ability to remove the background with a single click. All you really need to do is upload your image and click the remove background tool and inPixio Photo Studio handles everything for you.

With your background removed, you can export your image as a transparency to use in any other editing project.

inPixio Photo Studio also comes packed with a bunch of different backgrounds, including images and colors, that you’re free to use.

If you don’t want your background entirely removed, inPixio Photo Studio also uses the same AI technology to blur your background and create a realistic bokeh effect. 

a picture of a red purse on a table.

2. Replace Sky 

If you’re a landscape photographer or an architectural photographer, you’re going to love the Replace Sky tool.

Just like with all the other tools offered by inPixio Photo Studio, all you need to do is upload your image and click the Replace Sky tool and the software handles most of the work for you.

You’ll be able to export a transparency with the sky removed from your image or select one of the many sky backgrounds that come with the software.

inPixio Photo Studio even has tools that allow you to blend the new sky and the foreground seamlessly. 

a picture of a house with a sky background.

3. Erase Objects AI

The ability to use AI-backed editing to remove unwanted objects from your photographs is one of the biggest advances in photo editing in the last few years. Manually removing objects while editing was a huge hassle, but now software like inPixio Photo Studio makes it seem easy.

I found that using inPixio Photo Studio to remove unwanted objects was surprisingly effective for how easy it was. 

All I had to do was select the Erase Object tool, paint any unwanted objects, and inPixio Photo Studio handled the legwork with minimal adjusting on my part. 

a picture of a man on skis in the air.

4. Photomontage 

The Photomontage feature in inPixio Photo Studio has some interesting utilities that you might not expect.

On the surface, you can use the Photomontage feature to create some fun image mashups. These are eye-catching for social media or fun if you’re trying to create some interesting party invitations.

They’re also useful for creating mock-ups that you can later use for further professional design work. 

5. Photo Maximizer 

There are plenty of other features in inPixio Photo Studio that are worth talking about, but the last one that really stands out to me is the Photo Maximizer.

Photo Maximizer allows you to scale your images by up to 1,000x. This means that you can take a picture from a budget smartphone and blow it up to something that you can hang on your wall.

I’m a huge fan of people being able to create prints of their digital photography, even if they’re not shooting on professional equipment.

The Photo Maximizer is a great way to get crystal clear prints even when you’re working from images that are lacking when it comes to megapixels. 

an image of a mountain with a lake in the middle of it.

Ashley is a photographer, writer, and film critic. When Ashley’s not writing essays on photography, cinema, and theory, he’s out taking pictures with retro film cameras.

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