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Wedding Photography

This page is a central hub dedicated to wedding photography and all my fellow wedding photographers who read Shotkit.

Whilst there are no official statistics on Wedding photography or the number of wedding photographers in the world, one thing is for certain – the number of professional wedding photographers is growing at an incredible rate.

In Australia the average wedding costs US$19,740, and in the US the average wedding can be as much as US$26,645. The UK is on par with an average wedding cost of US$26,257.

One thing’s for sure – there’s a lot of money in the wedding industry, and every year more and more wedding photographers are looking to make their name, and make more money via wedding photography.

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Wedding Photography on Shotkit

Wedding Photography by Dan O'Day
Wedding Photography by Dan O’Day

With well over 300 wedding photographers featured on Shotkit from around the world, wedding photography is by far the most popular genre on the site.

I receive hundreds of Shotkit submissions from wedding photographers every month, and strive to show a variety of the best examples of wedding photography across the various sub-genres. With so many talented wedding photographers out there, it’s a difficult task!

(For those who don’t know, I’m actually a wedding photographer too, and know full well the woes of being rejected by sites for my work! Connect with me via Instragram here.)

I’m keen to show a broad variety of wedding photography on Shotkit, without allowing my personal tastes to affect the choices I make as to which wedding photographers make the cut.

Let’s examine some of these ‘sub-genres’ I’ve seen when receiving submissions to Shotkit.

One of the most popular styles of modern wedding photography is surely the ‘Fearless wedding photography‘ look, of extreme angles, vibrant colours and dramatic off camera lighting techniques.

Wedding Photography by Bruno Rosa
Wedding Photography by Bruno Rosa

Still popular too is ‘VSCO wedding photography‘, with its film grains, muted colour palettes and ironic hipster posing.

Wedding Photography by Geoff Duncan
Wedding Photography by Geoff Duncan

The ambiguous label of fine art photography is often thrown around in the wedding photography industry, but those wedding photos that could display as stand-alone works in an art gallery are truly few and far between.

Wedding Photography by Marcus Bell
Wedding Photography by Marcus Bell

Then there’s ‘the Knot wedding photography‘, with its high-key look, smiles at the camera and glamorous brides.

Wedding Photography by Jonetsu
Wedding Photography by Jonetsu

There’s still room for stylistic wedding photography with its intricate posing and Photoshop enhancements, typically during the safety of a one-off ‘styled shoot’.

Wedding Photography by Kelsey Goodwin
Wedding Photography by Kelsey Goodwin

It’s always interesting to see the gritty, raw, photojournalistic style of wedding photography that exposes a behind-the-scenes look at the wedding day, warts and all.

Wedding Photography by Tyler Wirken
Wedding Photography by Tyler Wirken

And who can ignore the destination wedding photography trend that seems to consist of simply inserting a couple into the most epic of landscapes possible… although it has to be said that getting the couple to the remote location is often a feat in itself!

Wedding Photography
Wedding Photography by Dylan M Howell

Then there are those gifted few who’ve managed to carve a niche out of experimental wedding photography that favours gadgets and techniques to create images that are difficult for the masses to replicate.

Wedding Photography by Jeff Newsom
Wedding Photography by Jeff Newsom

A keen sense of humour in modern wedding photography is also abundant on Shotkit…

Wedding Photography by Todd McGaw
Wedding Photography by Todd McGaw

Recently too, a rise in the popularity of dark, moody wedding photography and posing that at first glance seems natural, but on closer inspection reveals detailed control and an eye for perfection.

Wedding Photography by Gabe McClintock
Wedding Photography by Gabe McClintock

Then there are those gifted individuals who rely on nothing more than their enviable ability to create unique compositions with their wedding photography via angles and perspectives that most other wedding photographers miss…

Wedding Photography by Fer Juaristi
Wedding Photography by Fer Juaristi

Another sub-genre in wedding photography are those who have carved a niche for themselves based around the type of wedding client who hires them.

Wedding Photography by Mike Allebach
Wedding Photography by Mike Allebach

Aside from the wedding photographer’s stylistic choices, advancements in technology allow for the envelope to be pushed further as to what is achievable with wedding photography.

Mirrorless cameras and 4k video bring with them endless creative opportunity and novel ways of shooting, but of course, no matter the equipment used, creativity is borne within the photographer.

Wedding Photography by Emin Kuliyev using the Sony A7 R II
Wedding Photography by Emin Kuliyev using the Sony A7 R II

Whatever the genre, I try and remove all personal preference for the type of wedding photography I show on Shotkit. In this way, I hope to provide an all-embracing picture of the wedding photography industry in 2016.

Shotkit remains a resource for both curious wedding photographers as well as wedding clients looking for the best wedding photographer to book for their big day.

Top 12 Wedding Photographers on Shotkit

Based on visitor numbers alone, here are the most popular wedding photographers on Shotkit:

#1 Emin Kuliyev

#2 Sam Hurd

#3 James Day

#4 Stark Photography

#5 Ryan Brenizer

#6 Gabe McClintock

#7 Jay Cassario

#8 Kevin Mullins

#9 Mariano Sfiligoy

#10 Two Mann Studios 

#11 Fer Juaristi

#12 Pablo Laguia

Obviously, viewer figures is a bit of a flawed metric to gauge popularity, since more recent wedding photographers will obviously have had less time on Shotkit to attract the number of viewers as those who’ve been on Shotkit for a while.

Those with larger social media followings will also have had an advantage in the rankings. Nevertheless, congratulations to all those in the list!

Wedding Photography Gear

wedding photography gear
Wedding Photography Gear of Javier Abad

This being Shotkit, the focus of wedding photography is of course on wedding photography camera gear. Shotkit has become a useful and unique resource of the most popular, if not the best camera gear used by wedding photographers around the world.

Previously a topic shrouded in mystery, the tools of the trade of the average wedding photographer were not a common topic of open discussion.

Now, thanks to those wedding photographers submitting their work to Shotkit, we’re given an exclusive peek into the photographic equipment used to produce some of the world’s best wedding photography.

Wedding Photography Gear of Jay Cassario
Wedding Photography Gear of Jay Cassario

Whilst we all know that it’s not the camera that makes a photo but rather the photographer, there is still nonetheless a certain reassurance when we see our favourite wedding photographers using the same camera gear as we use for our own work.

Similarly, the wedding photography equipment choices of the photographers on Shotkit provide a useful starting point for our next camera gear purchases.

A new lens or camera may not make us a better photographer overnight, but it can generate fresh enthusiasm to shoot, or open new doors creatively.

Buying camera gear has always been frowned upon (‘Gear Acquisition Syndrome‘), but if it’s the stimulus you need for creating better art, get out there and buy a new toy!

It should also be mentioned that buying camera gear is an important tax deduction mechanism for a business that typically has relatively low overheads.

Wedding Photography Gear of Emin Kuliyev
Wedding Photography Gear of Emin Kuliyev

Despite the abundance of overflowing camera bags, Shotkit is not about showing off the amount of camera gear in your collection.

Those submitting to Shotkit shouldn’t be deterred by images of enviable (unnecessary?!) camera gear collections, no matter how impressive they seem.

On the contrary, I would like to encourage those wedding photographers using more humble camera gear  to submit to Shotkit in the future.

Wedding Photography Gear of Ian Weldon
Wedding Photography Gear of Ian Weldon

There’s no shortage of articles related to wedding photography gear and photography gear in general on Shotkit.  For an in depth look at equipment used for wedding photography on Shotkit, check out this guide to camera gear used by wedding photographers.

You may also be interested to read about the best mirrorless cameras, and even the best cameras under $500 and the best compact cameras, especially if you’re looking for a backup body or something discreet.

Other must-reads for wedding photographers include this long guide to the best camera bags, and also the ultimate guide to camera straps. No prizes for guessing which camera strap is the most popular amongst wedding photographers on Shotkit…

Wedding Photography Tips

Book More Brides

Aside from helping you make the right camera gear purchasing decisions, Shotkit also provides  information to help you improve at wedding photography and grow your wedding photography business.

These wedding photography tips range from generic photography business advice, to specific advice relating to Lightroom Tutorials, social media strategies, video interviews, regular interviews, how to sell photos online, and much more.

For those wanting to delve deeper into the topics, Shotkit has produced Lightroom Power User, packed full of 180+ pages of powerful Lightroom 6 Tutorials to help you improve your wedding photography post processing.

Lightroom Power User on iPad

Then there’s the popular More Brides product which will show you how to book more weddings and make more money as a wedding photographer.

If you’d prefer to just ogle at the camera gear used by some of the world’s best wedding photographers, there’s also the Shotkit Book, which features photographers from all genres, as well as 3 bonus videos by successful wedding photographers.

Finally, don’t miss the Six Tips for Shotkit video series, which features more succesful wedding photographers and their 6 essential tips on wedding photography.

Six Tips for Shotkit Title

Whether you’re a veteran wedding photographer with hundreds of weddings under your belt, or a newcomer to the industry shooting your first wedding, I hope you find information and inspiration on Shotkit to build a successful wedding photography business.

We’re all in this together! Whilst it may seem like a new wedding photographer appears everyday, there are always going to be more weddings than wedding photographers. Let’s stop thinking of eachother as competitors and start acting like comrades!

Leave a comment below if you have any suggestions of wedding photographers you’d like to see on Shotkit, or if you’re a wedding photographer yourself, I’m looking forward to receiving your Shotkit submission!