5 Day Deal - The REAL Truth


  • Amazing value for money (Save thousands of $)
  • Hundreds of hours worth of learning material
  • $2+ million of sales donated to charities thus far
  • Bundled products are by world-class photography instructors
  • Products are not normally discounted
  • Products suitable for all skill levels (beginner to pro)
  • Lifetime access to the downloadable files
  • Lifetime support


  • Products comprise hundreds of hours - may take days to get through it all
  • Offer is only available for 5 days
  • Confusing sales page (3 bundle options with multiple products)
  • No money-back guarantee (although doubtful you'd need one)

The 5Day Deal is a 'bundle' of photography products (books, video courses, presets, etc) that's sold at a massive discount for just 5 days.

This year it runs until Tuesday 19th October 2021, and won't return for at least another year.

You can check the exact schedule in your timezone by clicking the button above.

Every time the 5DayDeal appears people get confused.

Some even get suspicious, thinking that it's some kind of scam! 🧐

(I mean, offering several thousands of goods for only pennies on the dollar does sound a bit fishy…)

However, I'm here to tell you that the 5DayDeal is 100% legit. How do I know?

Well, for one thing, I'm offering one of the premium Shotkit products as part of the bundle.

I also know some of the instructors who've donated their own products to the bundle, as well as the organisers of the 5DayDeal.

In short, it's all a legitimate operation, and I LOVE how they donate so much money to charity.

(You can click here to see how much has already been donated, as well as the names of the charities that benefit.)

So, the great thing about the 5DayDeal is that you benefit from all the bundled products, and the charities get a portion of your money too.

Here are 7 other benefits of this year's Photography Bundle which should help you feel confident you're making the right decision.

7 Main Reasons to Buy the 5DayDeal Bundle

1. The products offered in the bundle are high quality and full of helpful content

5daydeal bundle

From videos courses to website portfolio software, presets, ebooks, training and much more - there's literally days' worth of photography-related resources in this year's Bundle.

(This is actually my only negative about the whole thing - you need to put aside some time to go through it all, but obviously, you can pick and choose what you want to watch, and take all the time you need.)

I haven't had time to go through the entire bundle since there's SO much content, but so far, I've found 6 products that really stand out to me, and their combined value is already over $700!

2. The charity impact is commendable - you'll feel good about purchasing the Bundle!


5DayDeal has donated over $2 million to charity since 2014.

When you buy the photography bundle, 10% of the price goes straight to one of the following charities:

  • Street Child
  • Village Impact
  • Children International
  • Action Against Hunger
  • Rise Against Hunger
  • Compassion
  • Make a Wish
  • Mercy Ships
  • Orbis

You can learn more about the featured charity partners here.

3. The instructors are truly world-class

contributor-newsletter copy

Depending on your photography industry knowledge, you may or may not have heard of some of the instructors who created the products in the 5DayDeal bundle.

However, take it from me - these people are excellent at what they do. Some are the best in the world.

Stand out names include Peter Hurley (the world's most famous headshot photographer), KelbyOne (the company behind Scott Kelby, a world-renowned photo editor and author), Jimmy Mcintyre (famous for his incredible landscape imagery), Brooke Shaden (world-famous conceptual artist), etc etc

Here's a sneak peek at Peter Hurley's course:

I honestly feel out of my depth to be surrounded by these names!

4. The value for money is off the charts!

I don't want to concentrate too much on the price of the 5DayDeal bundle, but it's worth reiterating here

It means that if you only find one or two of the products in the bundle, you've already got value for money (you may even have saved money.)

That's because several of the products are normally sold for much more than the bundle price of just $89.

You can see all the normal retail prices right here on the sales page - there are products that normally cost $200+, so it's amazing to be able to get them as part of a bundle at this price.

5. One of my most popular books is part of the bundle

More Brides II (named 'the marketing bible for wedding photographers') normally sells for $98 - so if you were thinking about buying it, you may as well get the entire bundle for the same price!

6. The products suit all levels of photographer (from beginners through to professionals)

The 5DayDeal Photography Bundle features products no matter what your skill level as a photographer.

I've been a professional photographer for almost 10 years, and I still can learn a lot from several of the products in the Bundle.

My friends, on the other hand, are complete novices when it comes to taking photos, and I can see 8 specific courses that I'd definitely recommend to them to help them improve.

7. The testimonials are from real people who genuinely love the 5DayDeal bundles

You probably already know that a lot of testimonials and reviews online are probably fake.

With the 5DayDeal, however, their testimonials include videos that actual purchasers have recorded themselves.

You can see some of them here - real people who bought one of the Photography Bundles in the past and love them to bits. I recommend you watch a couple of them.

My Recommendations

I don't like writing really 'salesy' content as I feel a bit sleazy, but with this product, I stand behind it 100%.

The bottom line is this: the 5DayDeal offers incredible value for money. If you're a photographer, you won't find these products discounted so heavily anywhere else.

Even if you only find a use for a couple of the products in the bundle, you've got more than your money's worth.

Just make sure you buy the bundle before the end of the 5DayDeal - it's now or never 😉

Disclaimer: All recommendations are impartial and based on user experience, with no bias to the products or the brand. The products in this post may contain affiliate links.