Shotkit Newsletter example
Example of what I’ll send you if you’re a wedding photographer. If you’re a beginner, amateur or a pro, you’ll receive something else, SPECIFIC to YOU :-)


Don’t Worry!

I hate email newsletters as much as you…

Getting bombarded by hundreds of emails every day is no one’s idea of fun!

That’s why I’ve made the Shotkit Newsletter different.


6 Reasons Why you NEED this Newsletter


1️⃣   You gain access to the Exclusive Member’s Area – free presets, ebooks, discounts, tips & tricks – basically everything that’s too awesome for me to share to every Tom, Dick and Harry on the site!

2️⃣   I might (email) you once a week – sometimes I might forget. Very occasionally, something awesome will happen and I’ll email you twice. BUT I’ll never spam you a load of crap promotions.

3️⃣   The emails are tailored to YOU – I’ll only send you tips, info, discounts etc. etc. relevant to YOU. If you’re a beginner, I won’t send you info about expensive pro gear.

If you’re a pro, I won’t bore you with tutorials on exposure. It’ll all be USEFUL SH*T.

4️⃣   The emails come from ME – this should be obvious by now, but I’m the one sending you the email. Me. Mark. Not some automated computer.

You can reply to me at any time, just like you would a friend. It may take a while, but I’ll always reply :-)

5️⃣   You’ll miss sh*t without it – every day there’s something useful popping up on Shotkit. Unless you’re my number 1 fan (I hope you are!!), you probably won’t be hitting the site every single day.

The newsletter makes sure you don’t miss anything, and that it’s all relevant to YOU.

6️⃣   You’ll get timely news before anyone else – if I find something amazing on the Internet which is time-sensitive (deals, discounts, new announcements) related to you and your photography, I’ll email it to you. Simple as that.