Hi, I’m Mark, photographer and founder of Shotkit. I’m also the author of More Brides, Lightroom Power User and the Shotkit Book.

I’m from the UK originally, born in Nottingham, educated in Bath (3 years), with stints in Paris (1 year) and Tokyo (7 years) before finally settling here in sunny Sydney.

I launched Shotkit in February 2014, and since then it has been featured on many industry sites, including FStoppers, SLR Lounge, Peta Pixel, Smashing Mag. and even national newspapers such as the Sydney Morning Herald and the Washington Post

None of this would have been possible without the input and support of all the incredible photographers who have contributed to Shotkit, making it is what you see today.

I’m keen to keep showcasing both professional and enthusiast photographers from all over the world on Shotkit, as well as providing the odd gear review and blog post too.

Apart from the occasional guest review, Shotkit is run entirely by me. You can follow Shotkit on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram too.

I put a lot of work into Shotkit, and I’m so happy to have thousands of photography enthusiasts visiting each day, leaving comments and interacting with the content. I’m also very grateful of course to the hundreds of photographers who have kindly submitted their work and given us all an exclusive peek into the gear they use to create beautiful photography.

I’m also a full time wedding photographer which keeps me pretty busy, but I do my best to keep updating the site at least twice a week with great new photographers.

In order to keep Shotkit running smoothly, I pay for fast and reliable WP Engine hosting (here’s why). In order to pay for this, I have Amazon and B&H Photo affiliate links on Shotkit, as well as Google Adsense.

What this means is, if you click one of the links and go on to purchase something, I get a small percentage. It doesn’t cost you anything, and by buying from Amazon or B&H, you’ll know you’re getting a great price and after sales support. And you’ll be supporting Shotkit too! :-)

I just want to be completely transparent about how I pay for this site’s running costs. If you’re interested to learn what other tools I use to run Shotkit and my wedding photography business, check out the resources page here.

My goal with Shotkit is to create and maintain a community for all level of photography enthusiast, including those who are picking up a camera for the very first time.

Hopefully Shotkit can be the motivation for the new breed of photographer to get snapping and one day blow us all away with their pics!

Feel free to email me any time – I always respond. And finally, be sure to sign up to the Shotkit newsletter here.

Cheers and happy snapping!