Hi, I'm Mark, photographer and founder of Shotkit.

If you're interested in the gear behind the photo as much as capturing the photo itself, then you're in the right place!

Shotkit is all about inspiring, teaching and supporting photographers from around the world to become better at their art and in their business.


The Story behind Shotkit

camera gearWhen I first got into photography, I was eager to find out what camera gear my favourite photographers were using.

The problem was, I couldn't find any good information online about what camera gear photographers were using.

I knew that I probably wasn't the only photography enthusiast who wanted to take a peek into other photographers' camera bags.


camera gearIn 2014 I created Shotkit, to reveal the camera gear of the world's best photographers and share their work with you.

A few years later we welcome over 10,000 visits each day from all over the world and have become the go-to site to peek inside photographers' camera bags.

I'm proud of what Shotkit has become, and am happy you have come to join us here.


What do you need help with?

Most new visitors to Shotkit come with an interest to take a peek into other photographers' camera bags, but there's also a ton of great information and inspiration in the blog if you dig deep enough.

Here are some popular resources to start you off:

  • Fuji X Mount Lenses - with mirrorless cameras fast gaining popularity, this is one of the most popular blog posts on Shotkit.
  • This post on the Best Mirrorless Cameras - like it or not, mirrorless cameras are taking over!
  • The best cameras under $500 - not all the camera gear on Shotkit is aimed at pros. Here's a list of great cameras that won't break the bank.
  • - much more than just updates. I put together a selection of recommended things I use that will help you. I get replies all the time saying how useful it is :-)
  • Win camera gear - there's a great Shotkit giveaway once a month, and entry is always free.
  • Discover more camera gear - the Shotkit Book features photographers not shown on Shotkit, plus 3 bonus videos. It's our most popular product - highly recommended!
  • Improve your Lightroom skills - every photographer should be using Lightroom. This popular Shotkit ebook will teach you some great tips and tricks.
  • Gifts for photographers - are they still called gifts if you buy them for yourself?! A big list of unorthodox but useful 'gifts'.


Bonus Shotkit Content

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I hope you'll find Shotkit a useful resource for your photography and look forward to hearing from you.